How to Adjust a Preset in Lightroom Mobile? (iPhone & Android)
You have probably been in this situation before. You download your favorite preset. Then you test multiple options and finally decide on the style you love. So you are super excited to apply it. But there are some photos that simply don’t fit the same standard. Maybe the lighting in those photos is different and you just don’t know how to fix it? No worries, this article is here to help you!
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TOP 10 Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets
Numbering lightroom presets from 1 to 10 is not fair. Editing photos and finding your own voice through the colors is a form of art. There’s no such thing as one correct answer. However, I handpicked the most trending styles on Instagram right now and grouped them into the minimalist, deep green, colorful and dark and moody presets. All of them have their own benefits and drawback which is exactly what this article is about.
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How to Grow Your Instagram Feed Organically?
If somebody has ever told you that all you need is to post beautiful photos on Instagram and the followers will come after you, they lied. Maybe that was possible a couple of years ago when Instagram hasn’t been as competitive as it is now. And let me tell you this, I am not saying that you don’t need quality photos because you do. All I am saying is that nowadays it is not enough.
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