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We’re proud to present to you our 123Presets PRO bundle+ containing over 500 desktop presets (50 presets collections)! Additionally you will get best 5 LUT's and 5 Instagram highlight covers collections!

These packs are everything you need to build professional personal or business social media look.

✔ 50 hand-picked desktop Lightroom collections
✔ 500+ desktop Lightroom Presets
✔ 58 video presets (LUT's)
✔ 190 Instagram highlight covers icons
✔ Fully Compatible with Lightroom Classic 3 up to Latest Version + All CC Versions & free Lightroom Mobile
✔ One-click automated Lightroom filter (no user input required)
✔ 100% adjustable and customizable Lightroom presets
✔ Free support
✔ Lifetime free updates


  1. NO FILTER (9 PRESETS) - This collection adds the final and subtle touch for your pictures!
  2. BRIGHT & AIRY (17 PRESETS) - A bright, clean, and warm preset is the perfect combination for a stylish Instagram feed.
  3. MINIMAL (4 PRESETS) - All about focusing on a few colors and making them pop.
  4. NATURAL (10 PRESETS) - Accentuate the details and keep the natural look. 
  5. SUMMER BREEZE (7 PRESETS) - Sunkissed look, desaturated green tones, and glowing skin.
  6. MIAMI (5 PRESETS) - Beautifully tan skin & amazing aqua ocean color.
  7. MERCURY (6 PRESETS) - Are all about creating a warm and cozy feel in your Instagram feed.
  8. LIGHT & AIRY (15 PRESETS) - Choose the trendiest colors for your presets.
  9. CALIFORNIA (4 PRESETS) - Best presets for tan skin!
  10. PERFECT TONES (9 PRESETS) -  Beautifully contrasting images and stunning colors - that’s what Perfect Tones presets are all about. 


  1. BASIC (9 PRESETS) - These presets will add warm, beige & airy tones to your Instagram photos.
  2. SANDY (10 PRESETS) - Sandy presets have a creamy feel that gives a clean and natural look.
  3. TRENDY (9 PRESETS) - Perfect for outdoor and indoor photography, fashion shots and portraits.
  4. MAGAZINE (9 PRESETS) - An amazing way to give your pictures a magazine and professional look!
  5. FILM (9 PRESETS) - This pack has 35MM film look with a vintage effect.
  6. LOVE STORY (10 PRESETS) - Will add beautiful deep brown tones to your images.
  7. BEAUTY (10 PRESETS) - These beautiful Beauty dreamy presets will give your images a soft natural pastel vibe!
  8. MUSE (10 PRESETS) - Muse collection will create a moody overlay and add depth to colors and textures.
  9. HOME (10 PRESETS) - Bright whites, caramel browns, and stylish grey overlay.
  10. EARTHY (10 PRESETS) - Earthy presets will add rich, earthy tones to your Instagram photos!


  1. ROYAL WEDDING (42 PRESETS) - Professional & High-quality wedding photography for photographers.
  2. BOHO WEDDING (10 PRESETS) - Create a dreamy boho feeling with just one click.
  3. DEEP TONES (9 PRESETS) - These filters were built in order to help you quickly add a magical, sharp tone and faded look.
  4. MOODY WEDDING (10 PRESETS) - Warm tones, desaturated greens, and a vibrant and dreamy feeling in each photo.
  5. MAJESTIC (8 PRESETS) - One of the most amazing products that allow you to add vibrancy, saturation, subtle intensity to bring out amazing results.
  6. FOOD LOVERS (14 PRESETS) - Absolute knockout champion in the presets. It is best for food bloggers, and indoor photography.
  7. NEWBORN (8 PRESETS) - Best collection for newborn, kids, toddlers photography. 
  8. THE KITCHEN (15 PRESETS) - Perfect for showcasing your delicious recipes!
  9. GOLDEN HOUR (14 PRESETS) - Secret for golden hour look!
  10. EARTH TONES (8 PRESETS) - Effortlessly achieve soft, dreamy, and rustic tones with these versatile presets.


  1. WHITE BACKGROUND (8 PRESETS) - All you need to get a white background look for your product images.
  2. VIBRANT PRODUCTS (7 PRESETS) - Vibrant product presets are specifically created to help online business owners.
  3. WARM PRODUCTS (7 PRESETS) - Warm Products Lightroom Presets are designed to bring out the natural look, color, and textures.
  4. FITNESS (5 PRESETS) - Workout presets that show off your body with style.
  5. IN SHAPE (15 PRESETS) - The best presets for those who love fitness.
  6. PET LOVERS (7 PRESETS) - Specifically created to edit photos with your furry friends.
  7. MAMA'S PACK (10 PRESETS) - Create light and pastel pink pictures with just one click!
  8. INSTA MOMMY (8 PRESETS) - Presets for perfect family photos.
  9. TRAVELER (7 PRESETS) - This pack is known for its vivid colors and lighter images.
  10. MEN'S LIFESTYLE (10 PRESETS) - Dark. Refined. Masculine. Perfect for men's lifestyle.


  1. WINTER BLUES (11 PRESETS) - Cool, calm, and collected presets for stylish winter pictures.
  2. CHRISTMAS HOME (7 PRESETS) - Cozy winter presets specifically created for indoors.
  3. GOLDEN FALL (10 PRESETS) - Instagram presets for those who love autumn!
  4. AUTUMN LEAVES (11 PRESETS) - Warm and cozy photos with just one click!
  5. SPRING VIBES (10 PRESETS) - Trending spring tones: desaturated greens and yellows, bright whites and glowing skin tones.
  6. BLOOM (10 PRESETS) -  Bloom presets are specifically created to highlight your favorite orange and teal tones.
  7. SUNSET SUNRISE (14 PRESETS) - Pastel pink, blue, and orange will create a WOW effect on your photos.
  8. IG STYLE SUMMER (7 PRESETS) - Inspired by the summer, it’s white-sand beaches and stunning ocean blues.
  9. LANDSCAPE (10 PRESETS) - Make your nature photos stand out from the crowd. 
  10. CITY (10 PRESETS) -  Outstanding city look that makes the most out of your urban images.


  1. SANDY (10 LUT'S) - Have a creamy feel that gives a clean and natural look.
  2. NATURE (9 LUT'S) - Perfect for travel videographer!
  3. EARTH TONES (8 LUT'S) - Beautiful earthy tones.
  4. BRIGHT & AIRY (17 LUT'S) - These .cube LUTs will help you transform your simple, raw footage into lively and color-enhanced final footage.
  5. GOLDEN HOUR (14 LUT'S) - Best LUT's for golden hour effect!


  1. EVERYDAY (36 COVERS) - Perfect for stylish influencers!
  2. CREAMY (36 COVERS) - An extremely fashionable feed with pastel tones.
  3. BROWN TONES (60 COVERS) - Neutral brown tones that will improve your social media presence.
  4. FREELANCER (28 COVERS) - Create a high fashion aesthetic with nude ones and bright whites.
  5. LIFESTYLE (30 COVERS) - A nice mix of muted tones that bring out your favorite colors. 


  1. BLACK, WHITE iOS Themes
  2. BLOGGER, COZY WINTER, CHRISTMAS Instagram Highlight Covers

After you complete the payment you will immediately have the option to download the product(s) from the final purchase page. You will also receive a download email shortly after. 

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In short, Lightroom presets are advanced Instagram filters that edit your photos effortlessly both on your phone & computer. Create PRO images with just one click!

Once you purchase the presets, you’ll receive a detailed guide on how to use them. It's super quick and easy! 

1. Take a photo with iPhone, Android or digital camera.
2. Use Lightroom App to apply preset on your picture.
3. All set! Share your Picture!

Any question whatsoever, we will have you covered! 

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Create a consistent and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed that makes your photos look magical! Professionally created presets take your pictures to another level with just one click!

Mobile presets are definitely better for you if you want to edit quickly on your mobile.

Desktop presets are nice if you want full control when editing images on your computer.

Mobile & Desktop: Make editing even more convenient: edit on your laptop AND mobile. Make the most out of your Lightroom presets!

Mobile presets are definitely better for you if you want to edit quickly on your mobile.

Desktop presets are nice if you want full control when editing images on your computer.

Mobile & Desktop: Make editing even more convenient: edit on your laptop AND mobile. Make the most out of your Lightroom presets!