123case Warranty

123case Phone Case Warranty Policy Effective Date: 2023 10 03 1. Warranty Coverage 123case offers a limited warranty for phone cases and other tech accessory products ("Product"). This warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase by the original buyer. 2. Warranty Scope The warranty encompasses manufacturing defects that occur under regular use. These include: * Fade of print or design * Faulty materials * Poor craftsmanship * Peeling of the printed surface 3. Warranty Exclusions The following are NOT covered under this warranty: * Misuse, neglect, or improper handling * Normal wear and tear * Improper installation/removal * Exposure to extreme conditions * Any modifications made to the Product * Shipping damages 4. Warranty Claim Process Should you encounter a manufacturing fault: a) Contact our Customer Support with details and a proof of purchase. b) We'll assess your claim. c) If valid, we'll either replace the Product or refund its purchase price. 5. Return Process If we require a return, we'll provide you with instructions and a shipping label. 6. Limitation of Liability Our liability is restricted to the Product's purchase price. We won't be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages. 7. Policy Changes 123case may update this warranty without advance notice. The terms at the time of your purchase will apply. By buying from 123case, you acknowledge and agree to this warranty. 123case