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What can you expect from this pack? Cozy autumn colors and stylish Instagram presets that follow the latest trends! 🍂🍁


    ✔ Professional edit will transform your photos in seconds

    ✔ 100+ Mobile Lightroom Presets (.DNG Files)

    ✔ 15 Different Collections

    ✔ Free Gift Inside: IG highlight covers for FALL!

    ✔ Extremely easy to use with a free Lightroom Mobile App

    ✔ Compatible with both iOS & Android

    ✔ Over 5,000 Positive Customer Reviews

    ✔ Lifetime Purchase Protection

    ✔24/7 Customer Support Photographers Team

    ✔ You don't need any professional knowledge about Adobe Lightroom to use it

    ✔ Instant Download after purchase


    1. HALLOWEEN (7 PRESETS) Halloween themed presets focus on quality photos with hints of orange color. Warm Lightroom presets that will catch your eyes with beautifully adjusted tones.
    2. AUTUMN LEAVES (11 PRESETS) - moody autumn look. Golden tones, deep red color, dark grey elements. Stunning fall look that will highlight your pictures. 
    3. DARK AND MOODY (8 PRESETS) - following the latest trends DARK & MOODY presets focus on deep tones, well-defined black color, and red elements that pop. Beautifully tanned skin - simply forget orange tones! These presets are all about class.
    4. FLAT WHITE (4 PRESETS) - Flat White lightroom preset is all about using those deeper tones to create a dramatic look in your photos.
    5. WILD & FREE (12 PRESETS) - make your photos look clean, light, and high contrast with one click magic. These are one of those presets that make your mobile photos look professional. 
    6. RICH & CLEAN (14 PRESETS) - a brand new aesthetic that will make your followers stop scrolling. Clean and professional look with a click of a button. 
    7. MAMA'S PACK (10 PRESETS) - Perfect for anyone wanting to create a dreamy Instagram feed.
    8. IG SOFT (6 PRESETS) - Dreamy. Sensual. Captivating. These presets create a light and soft mood that makes your everyday photos look magical
    9. BLACK MOOD (10 PRESETS) - Bold. Edgy. Moody. Created for stylish minimalists, loved by Instagram influencers.
    10. BLOGGER (10 PRESETS) - tan and glowing skin, desaturated greens, and a unique feeling in every image. These images will transform your Instagram into a professional feed.
    11. GOLDEN FALL (10 PRESETS) - moody fall look. Bring the most out of your fall photos: golden tones, deep red color, and tan and smooth skin in all of your images.
    12. VIBRANT DREAM (13 PRESETS) -This presets screams summer. Make your photos POP with a click of a button.
    13. FOOD LOVERS (14 PRESETS) - if you love taking pictures in fancy restaurants or your own cooking, this is the preset you want. For the love of food, here comes the best ever presets that helps you acquire an ambient, faded, and warm tone.
    14. WINTER JOY (8 PRESETS) - create eye-catching images in the snow and boost colors just the right amount with the winter presets. The Winter Joy presets will give your photos a warm, cozy feel for everyday pictures.
    15. IN SHAPE (11 PRESETS) - perfect presets for fitness lovers. Bright colors, sharp images, and a clarity boost. The perfect balance between colorful images and minimal style.


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    Over 5,000 Positive Customer Reviews - We will be always grateful for that ❤️

    Save A Ton of Editing Time - Don't struggle too much to find the right tools for your projects. Discover a wide variety of Lightroom Presets and spread your workflow dramatically!

    Stand Out from the Crowd - Make your Instagram feed look professional. 

    Completely Customizable - Any develop preset you use inside Lightroom is completely customizable and it’s as easy as a couple of mouse clicks.



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