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Bright and airy feeling on your phone. Soft brown tones together with lots of white space and soft pastel tones. Create your own look that makes you happy whenever you check it out. 

We have also included theme-matching quotes and icons that will help you feel inspired. There’s plenty to choose from so that once you get bored with one quote or picture, you can choose another one that still matches your feed


✔ 100+ Trendy Icons for your Home Screen

✔ 10+ Hand-Picked Backgrounds

✔10+ Hand-Drawn Super Trendy Covers

✔ 10+ Stylish Pictures for your small/medium/large Widgets. (yes, we thought about that too!)

✔ 10+ Popular Widget Quotes

✔ Full Instructions & Guide on how to install (PDF)

✔ Add personality to your iPhone screen

✔ 24/7 Customer Support Team

✔ Lifetime Free Updates


Do you know how many times you check your phone screen every day? We don’t either. Honestly, we don’t want to know. But we can all agree on one thing - we all check it more than we should. 

Why don’t we make it into something that cheers you up? Or motivates you to start your day? Add a personal style to your iPhone screen that will always remind you of your goals and dreams. 

Hand-picked photos

This theme pack is complemented with hand-picked, pastel tones photos of nature. Recharge from one look on your phone. 

Abstract backgrounds

There’s something magical about nature pictures. Not only do they look great, but they also make you feel better.

Popular quotes

We have also included popular quotes to help you feel inspired every day. There are various quotes that you can choose from and change depending on that day’s mood


App shortcuts briefly open the shortcuts app first.
There are no notification badges on shortcut apps.
You have to manually set each icon shortcut - it’s super easy!

What is not included? NOT included: Clock and calendar widgets. However, you can easily get them by using a free application: Widgetsmith app and Color Widgets app.(PDF Tutorial Included)