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Winter Bundle includes 26 best selling and newest Lightroom collections (250+ presets).Each preset have unique color settings for beautiful winter photography. 

This versatile Winter bundle is PERFECT for landscapes, portraits, fashion, lifestyle, indoor and outdoor pictures.

Add winter mood by one-click to your Instagram feed!

✔ 26 hand-picked Lightroom collections
✔ 250+ Lightroom Presets
✔ Fully Compatible with Lightroom Classic 3 up to Latest Version + All CC Versions & free Lightroom Mobile
✔ One-click automated Lightroom filter (no user input required)
✔ 100% adjustable and customizable Lightroom presets
✔ Free support
✔ Lifetime free updates


  1. SNOW (10 PRESETS)  Playful, bright and cozy winter Lightroom presets. 
  2. SNOW COLD (10 PRESETS) - Add cool tones and winter vibes to your stunning pictures.
  3. SCANDINAVIAN (10 PRESETS) -  Scandinavian presets help your adventure and travel images stand out!
  4. WINTER WONDER (10 PRESETS) - This pack is all you need to add a magical winter atmosphere to your photographs with one click.


  1. RUSTIC WINTER (10 PRESETS) Add holiday mood enhancing the nature tones.
  2. MOODY WINTER (10 PRESETS) - Moody Winter created to give a moody look to your Christmas photos!
  3. MOUNTAINS (8 PRESETS) - The very best presets for winter photos. 
  4. WINTER JOY  (8 PRESETS)   Create eye-catching images in the snow and boost colors just the right amount with the winter presets. 


  1. BLACK MOOD (10 PRESETS) - Must-have minimal collection.
  2. BRIGHT & AIRY (17 PRESETS) - make your photos look clean, light, and in high contrast with one-click magic.
  3. GOLDEN HOUR (14 PRESETS) It’s not a secret that most photos are taken during the golden hour.
  4. PERFECT TONES  (9 PRESETS) - Beautifully contrasting images and stunning colors - that’s what Perfect Tones presets are all about. 
  5. CREAMY (11 PRESETS) These presets will create a smooth matte effect with ivory toning. 
  6. MIAMI  (5 PRESETS) -  Perfect for Outdoor, Travel, Lifestyle, Blogger, or Portrait pictures. True traveler pack!
  7. MERCURY  (6 PRESETS) - will make your photos magical in just one click. Beautiful pink undertones in sharpened photos. Create a fairytale mood in a few seconds.
  8. MONO  (8 PRESETS)   Black and white presets for an influencer who loves the black and white look. 


  1. AESTHETICS  (9 PRESETS) The washed-out look that you’ve been dreaming of! Create an original vintage aesthetic with just one click. 
  2. BOHEMIAN - (9 PRESETS)  These presets are made for creatives, bloggers, brands, and Instagrammers who want superior results in a fraction of the time.
  3. SELFIE (8 PRESETS)  Selfies are one of the easiest and most fun ways to enrich your social media feed.
  4. SWEET HOME  (10 PRESETS) - Cozy, warm, and fun presets that are simply perfect for indoors.
  5. INSTA BLOGGER (12 PRESETS) - Bright eyes, glowing hair, tan skin, and professional-looking photos with just one click.


  1. DREAMY  (9 PRESETS) Lovely vintage look with deep red tones. Dominant pastel tones combined with a bit more vibrant colors. 
  2. NEW YORK  (8 PRESETS) Soft and warm tones. A rustic look to your photos inspired by one of the most magical cities in the world - New York.
  3. ITALY  (12 PRESETS) - Vibrant. Bright. Inspiring. Colorful summer images that work extremely well both for indoors and outdoors photos. 
  4. ROSE GOLD (9 PRESETS) - One of the most loved tones ever!
  5. CINEMATIC (9 PRESETS) Add a cinematic feeling to your photos and make them stand out from the crowd.

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