10 Creative Photography Ideas at Home

10 Creative Photography Ideas at Home

When you look for ideas on the Internet, most of them tell you to buy expensive lights and camera lenses. However, you can take stunning photos at home only with your phone. All you need is your creativity. Let me share with you tips that will improve your photography without spending lots of money. 

The truth is that an expensive camera, lens, and lighting helps. Especially when you take photos indoors where there is a very limited source of natural lighting. That being said, there are a lot of beautiful photos on Instagram that are taken only with the phone. More than that, they are taken indoors.

So do not limit yourself or wait until you get a fancy camera. That can come later. If you learn how to take photos with your photos and make them look professional, taking photos with an expensive camera will be a piece of cake. 

#1 Get a Light

First of all, of course, natural light is for free so you definitely want to take advantage of that. Direct sunlight, sunrise, sunset, shade - so many different options. However, sometimes during winter, there is very little sunlight. Especially when you are taking your photos at home.

So if you want to take more photos, you will need artificial light. Also, any photo looks more professional in studio light. That being said, a studio light isn’t even necessary. Even a small table light from IKEA can do the trick. The whole idea is that the more creative you are, the better your photos will turn out. So feel free to test different options. 

#2 Get Inspired with Creative Photos Ideas

Cheap props are great. The beauty of creativity is that you really do not need to spend a lot of money on it. On the contrary, the more you limit yourself, the more creative you will get. You will use the free spaces such as libraries or coffee shops. You will also find that most objects that can be used for photography can be found at home. 

#3 Get Bubble machine

Get a bubble machine, even a cheap little thing for kids will work just fine. The thing is that if you just blow bubbles yourself, you will not have enough of them to fill out the whole frame.

#4 Use Ice cubes

Yes, you read it right. Ice cubes look great in photos. One of the ways you could use them is to simply put them on your glass table and go under it. This will allow you to create a creative photo really quick. You can also use other materials such as just a splash of water, sugar, coffee grounds or even smash some eggs onto your glass table. Whatever you feel comfortable cleaning after.

#5 Find a Glass of Water

Put a glass of water in front of your face. This will magnify one of your eyes. You can also use colorful glasses without water for interesting effects. 

#6 Use a Sheet

Go under your bedsheet and take some photos. Make sure that you are facing a window when you are doing that (we always want to get as much natural light as we are doing that). There are no excuses for not having the perfect location when it comes to creative photography.

#7 Put objects in front of the lens

By putting flowers or fruit in front of the lens when you are taking a photo, you will create an interesting effect where you are crispy clear and the object is blurred. Also, if you stand further away and do so, you can make the flowers look like your dress. 

#8 Use Props

Make sure that each of your photos has an interesting detail. That could be a stylish hat, massive earrings, cool shoes, flowers, crown, newspaper, or even something weirder as a dinosaur toy (e.g. Khaleesi inspired photoshoot). 

Honestly, doing photoshoots that are inspired by your favorite movie or TV series is great. They do not have to be that obvious either. This is all for you to decide. 

#9 Take Photos in Unusual Places 

Sometimes ugly locations are the best ones. Most people always go for the pretty spaces. Photography is all about doing things that most people usually don't do. 

Also, think about taking photos on the ground. When you are laying on the ground, you immediately change the perspective and create an interesting photo.  

#10 Look for Weird Outfits 

This is your time to shine and wear something that you would normally not feel comfortable wearing. High socks with high heels? Why not? You could even challenge yourself to find an ugly outfit and try some test shots.

You could also wear your boyfriend's clothes. E.g., a big sweater or shirt combines with your own clothes. 

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