Meet 123presets

Crafting the Perfect Shot with Precision and Passion

Who's Behind 123presets?

Hi, I’m Tomas Simkus, a professional photographer who fell in love with making Lightroom presets. All of the presets you see on 123Presets have been personally created by me with extremely careful attention to detail.  

I’m a perfectionist & make sure that each preset pack gets the care that your photos deserve. I’ve created a pretty crazy number of presets and every one of them has helped me create an even better one. Being in this game, I already know which colors work best and get the result that makes your IG photos thumb-stopping. 

Choose a style that speaks to you from a dozen of #123Presets & add your own personal touch to your photos. Let’s create a mind blowing aesthetic together! 

250,000+ Happy Customers

At 123Presets, we offer a vast array of professionally crafted Lightroom presets designed to elevate your photography to new heights. With just a phone and the free version of Lightroom, you can easily achieve a consistent and visually appealing aesthetic in a fraction of the time it would take to manually edit each photo. Our presets have been praised by over 250,000 satisfied customers, and have been proven to save up to 95% of the time typically spent on photo editing. Transform your photos and streamline your editing process with 123Presets.

What’s our mission?

At 123Presets, our aim is to empower you to express your individuality through stunning imagery. We strive to simplify the process of capturing and showcasing your vision by providing easy-to-use tools that result in breathtaking images. With just one click, you can achieve a cohesive and distinctive look for your Instagram that truly embodies your personal style. Let 123Presets help you bring your creative vision to life.