10 Fun Things to Do with Your Family at Home

10 Fun Things to Do with Your Family at Home

What to do when bored with family at home? Let me share with you a list of fun ideas that you could do with your family on a rainy day. It is really easy to get stuck in a loop of watching TV and everyone being on their phones. However, that’s not how the most precious moments with the family are made.

Also, all the family activities mentioned below will not require a lot of money, they will only ask for your time and creativity.

#1 Family Activity: Reinvent Your Boardgames

Have you ever played “Guess Who”? This board game is interesting on its own. Every player of this game starts with 24 people photos and their first names. Each player chooses one card from those 24 photos and keeps it separately. The goal of this game is to find out which photo the opponent selected by asking yes or no questions.

Now, let me tell you how to make this game even better. Replace the photos of the game with your family members, relatives, and friends that you all know. You could even create your own game by doing so. All you need is to print out multiple copies of photos of people that you all know.

#2 Family Activity: Do Something Artsy

Whether your family prefers to color or draw, find time to do it all together. This activity becomes a lot more enjoyable when you buy brand new art supplies. You could also try something you have never done. E.g. painting with acrylic paints. All of you could have the same goal. For example, create modern art. There are also weird techniques that look pretty cool but don’t require you to draw well such as painting with strings, bottles or Q-tips.

#3 Family Activity: Celebrate Your Day

Each week one member of the family can get their day. On that day the person has a set budget and the family has to do whatever that person suggests without complaining. Even if the chosen person of the week suggests cleaning while listening to a metal band really loudly you still have to do it. The idea is that everyone has to do it together including the person who chooses the activities.

#4 Family Activity: Dog Party

If you have friends who have dogs, invite them over. Obviously, you need to make sure that the dogs are friendly with other dogs. However, it is possible that none of your friends have dogs or need a dog sitter. However, you could work as a dog sitter for a couple of days. Make the days all about the dog, take him on long walks and simply make him happy.

#5 Family Activity: Cook Something Really Fancy Together

The most important part is to cook something where everyone has to be involved. For example, you could cook the main meal and desert. You can also make your own pizzas and create silly faces on them.

waffles with cherries

#6 Family Activity: Make a List of Challenges

Take a big piece of paper and brainstorm together as a family what kind of challenges you could do. For example, you could disconnect the electricity and the internet for one day. This will make you be as creative as ever by using candles and finding new ways how to cook. Another challenge could be to not eat meat the whole day or eat something really spicy.

#7 Family Activity: Explore the Stars

Obviously, the telescope would work best for this. However, you can simply get binoculars and check out the stars. You could also check out what events you should be looking for. For example, you could wait for an eclipse to happen (it happens every 18 months).

#8 Family Activity: Read with Your Family

This depends on your family but you could read all together quietly and then discuss what you have read. Or you could have one of you read and then change.

#9 Family Activity: Create an Indoor Tent

You could create either an indoor tent or a nest on the floor from the pillows. The idea is to create a cozy space together with your favorite comfort food. After doing so, simply talk to each other and enjoy the time you spend together.

#10 Family Activity: Make Memories

Take photos of all of your family activities. You could even plan a photoshoot where you wear certain makeup and clothes. After that, print the photos and create a photo album for yourself. You could even use lightroom presets to create a certain mood. These photo albums become of the most precious things especially when the kids grow up.

Halloween celebration

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