A former economist took a risk when the Lightroom Presets opportunity knocked on his door and never looked back.

“Starting my own eCommerce business is the most rewarding decision I have ever made. My dream was to create a great product that would help people and make them happier.

By taking photos of everything and everywhere for the past 8 years, he learned how to get the most out of almost any photo. Countless hours spent editing and retouching clients’ photos allowed him to create many different Lightroom Presets and completely transform 1.123.664 images worldwide.   

What is your background? What were you like growing up?

I was born and grew up in a small country in Europe called Lithuania. My whole life was surrounded by photography, fashion, style, and graphic design.However, after finishing high school I went for an International Economy studies at Vilnius University. I have finished my studies just a couple of years ago. During my studies, I actively worked in one of the biggest banks in the Baltic states. 

So my life was always combined with multiple activities, not only photography or art. I was active in different fields. It’s always been really important for me to know as much as possible and improve myself.My goal in creating a business isn’t to be a PRO in every field. Let me explain, there will be always somebody who specializes in one field and knows it better. 

I am more interested in familiarizing myself with different fields so that when I do talk to professionals I can have a more effective conversation. So that I know how it happens, what kind of solutions we can make, and also brainstorm to find new ways.

What could your friends and family say about you? 

Tomas is always working 😂. 

You know, only the best things.When I was still a student, my friends always invited me to different events. However, during those nights I was working and taking photos at the night clubs. I didn’t have to because I had the job at the bank. But for me, it wasn’t enough, because I knew there was something big coming where I will need to invest. And this is the same to this day. 

Every day is a new opportunity to listen to interesting people and learn something new.If you are curious, here are some examples of my nightlife photography:


When I was working at the office in the bank and later a marketing agency from 9 to 5, generating ideas for other companies, I realized that this kind of work wasn’t for me. I want to create value myself. My dream was to create a great product or service which would help people and make them happier. I didn’t want to focus solely on making money. It was and is still important for me to build products that people like and enjoy. 

Most importantly, having my own product motivates me to improve, do it better. I think this is actually what encouraged me to be in business, always improve, learn about the latest trends. And, most importantly following the ideas that I am naturally curious: photography and design. Today I am simply very happy that we have 123Presets business that allows me to do just that.


I started in high school. I got an opportunity to take photos during a school event. I really didn’t expect to become a photographer. I always wanted to be a banker, work in the business field. I followed the illusion created by high school that you need to work in big corporations to be successful. 

So I started completely on accident. 

Even though I have always liked photography. I was curious about this field. I also liked playing with Photoshop. Graphic design was always close to my heart. But I never took it seriously. 


Honestly, the very beginning is always more difficult, but don’t give up. You usually don’t have money for the equipment. Also, you don’t know if it’s going to work out. The learning process required thicker skin because you will need to be receptive to the feedback in order to improve. However, just like the saying goes - if there’s a will, there’s a way. You can always rent equipment or do the photo shoots for free. 

This investment in yourself always pays off. 

1) Start taking photos 

Personally, I just started taking photos without expecting to become a professional photographer. I did a lot of my photo shoots for free in the beginning. I went to fashion events and other events simply because people could see me. By the way, taking photos at the events helped me find my first clients. 

2) Stay curious and follow the latest trends 

This goes without saying but photography is a pretty competitive field. So if you do want to stand out, get ready to continuously improve and learn. Check all kinds of Youtube tutorials or buy courses from professionals that inspire you. I personally like Udemy, there is a lot of good material there.

3) Don’t expect everything to happen immediately. 

It takes time. 

There is no magical potion you can drink and become an amazing photographer. You will need to put in the hard work and take your time. I heard one crazy comparison one time that for a baby to be born it takes 9 months. So for you as a professional photographer to be born also will require time. Just check out the photos of your favorite photographers when they just started and you will know what I mean. 

4) Contact local photographers and ask if they need some help 

I have mentioned feedback before and I would like to mention it again. Receiving feedback from professional photographers is the fastest way to learn. Also, you will be surprised by how many different techniques they use. 

5) Edit & Transform Your Images

It's not a secret to anyone - all Instagram photographers and influencers are editing their photos! 

A professional photographer would never give just RAW photos to a client. We live in a world where photography is an art that each person can adjust according to their style and feel. Don't miss a chance to showcase your true personality through minimalist, bright and airy, deep tones, and many other possibilities. Find out your unique look :)

Listen to what you think of your own photography. At the end of the day, you will need to create your unique style!

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