5 Mobile Photography Tips that Will Transform Your Photos Today

5 Mobile Photography Tips that Will Transform Your Photos Today

Simple phone photography tips can change the way you take photos forever. Once you see the results that a little bit of effort can produce, you simply can’t stop. I have already covered the main mobile photography tricks here. This time let’s take a step further and talk about photography hacks that focus more on storytelling and photography as a form of art and expression. 

If you were honest with yourself, you would notice that the photos that truly capture your attention are the ones that tell a story. So how to create a photo that will captivate your audience? 

Hack #1: Reduce the number of visual distractions 

When there are 20 visually appealing things in one photo - it simply gets lost in translation. Choose one focal point and stick to it. Portrait mode helps a lot with that because it naturally draws attention to your subject. However, do not always rely on portrait mode. Sometimes the surroundings (or the lack of them) are the best way to capture a stunning photo. 

Hack #2: Capture emotion

One of the most difficult things in photography is to capture genuine emotion, Many photos are posed. However, with the help of your phone, you can become almost invisible in your friends’ group. This is actually the main thing that you can use mobile photography tricks for. Your phone is always with you. And the memories you make with your friends and family are priceless. 

There is one thing that can help you even more. Instead of taking actual photos, “take photos with your eyes”. Imagine that there is a frame in which you have to fit a stunning image. By thinking first and only then taking a picture, you will be able to know better when, how, and where to take the photo when the right moment comes. 

Hack #3: Look for contrast 

Just take a look at this photo. The background is completely blurred out. That’s why we can easily focus on the woman. However, the main reason why this photo has such an effect on us is her face and hair contrast. Her face is calm and enjoying the moment, while her hair is harshly blown by the wind.

Hack #4: Captions are Part of Photography Art

By writing a caption that explains your beautiful art further, you are able to tell a more detailed story. For example, this photo is powerful on its own:

However, if you shared your thoughts and experiences in the desert, it would gain a brand new perspective. Not everyone gets a chance to explore the desert, so this is most definitely something that people will love finding out about it. This photo is magical not because it’s ISO, aperture or lighting is mind-blowing. The photo captures your attention because of its unique experience. One more eye-pleasing thing is the contrast between the girl’s outfit and the desert itself. 

Hack #5: Learn Composition From Painters

Art galleries are most definitely inspiring. Famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh are known for their exceptional ability to paint in the golden ratio. If you hear this term for the very first time, take a minute or two and watch a youtube video with examples

Design is also great at showing you stunning forms and shapes that are eye-pleasing. So opening yourself to the world of art can most definitely inspire you to take more stunning photos. Even if you take them with your phone, you will still have a different perspective than an average human being and simply see the beauty and story in the most unusual situations. 

The most important question you should ask yourself when you study an interesting art piece is “why”. Why does it attract my attention? What makes it unique? Why is it pleasing to my eyes? What kind of emotions does it evoke and why? Thinking about composition in a different way trains your brain to see new patterns and possibilities. 

Compositions to start with: 

  • The Golden Ratio
  • Symmetry 
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Rule of Space 

Another thing worth mentioning that you can learn from painters is creating depth. By mixing things in the background and foreground you can add depth to your photos that will make them interesting. 

BONUS TIP: follow a bunch of different photographers on Instagram. Learn from them, study their composition, try to imitate their style, create challenges for yourself, and ask yourself: “Why do I like this photo?”. 

However, the most important tip out of all is to not overwhelm yourself. If you start feeling that all of the information and work is just a little too much, take a break. Break the rules. Simply take random photos without thinking that much about it. This is all about having fun and enjoying your creative time with mobile photography.

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