90s Inspired Photoshoot Ideas (+ photos)

90s Inspired Photoshoot Ideas (+ photos)

Have you ever wanted to take some photos in the 90s style? If you are looking for new photoshoot ideas, this is for you. Let me introduce my favorite 90s photoshoot ideas and the reasons why those photos work so well.

From outfits to color choices, the 90s is most definitely one of the most fun and stylish periods. This style has hit our wardrobes already, let's take some quality photos as well!

90s Inspired Outfits

Whenever I look for 90s outfit ideas, I always check out the well-known TV series "Friends". There are so many amazing outfits and I just love the unique style of all the characters. 

The 90s is the perfect time to explore and try weird things. Layered tops? Check. Socks and sneakers? Check. Weird hats? Check. 

This period also highlights the feminine figure with high wasted jeans and skirts and crop tops. A nice balance between femininity and a more relaxed style. 

two friends laughing

Lightroom Presets: 90s STYLE

90s Photoshoot Props Ideas

Do you know which photography props draw the most attention?  Let me tell you: the least logical ones. To be honest, if you want to make people stop scrolling and check out your photo, you can easily do that with a weird prop. For example, this girl is holding a bad of potatoes. Answer me honestly, would you expect that? 

This photo most probably doesn't have a deeper meaning. The potatoes were chosen because it matches the color code. That is also something I would like to draw your attention to. Just take a look at the colors. Blue and yellow colors work so well together. 

girl with potatoes

Lightroom Presets: 90s STYLE

I would also like to note that weird props are a good way to make your photo artsy. You could actually think of something meaningful and add that prop to your photo. This will give you an opportunity to write an interesting caption. 

When talking about props, older cameras, bicycles, and phones are extremely useful. They basically take you back in time and bring out the warm memories. 

girl taking photo with old camera

Lightroom Presets: 90s STYLE

90s Accessories and Their Trends

Bandanas, chokers, butterfly hair clips, mood rings, scrunchies, ankle bracelets, power beads, large buckle belts, and many other fun accessories were used in the 90s. That being said, it is a great opportunity for interesting photography.

One thing is clear, the 90s style requires fun accessories! So feel free to experiment and remember your teenage style. You can also just wear weird sunglasses to achieve the wanted look: 

Most times less is more. You will want to choose one or two main accessories and keep the rest simple. This way you will look more stylish and the photo more professional. When there are only a couple of main objects, it is easy for the viewer to know what is most important. In addition to that, it emphasizes those objects.

90s Color Palette

The 1990s are known for the moody and neutral color palette that is matched with smaller amounts of hot reds, blues, bright purples, and deep greens.

One thing that you will see over and over again is choosing two main colors that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum, for example, red and blue, yellow and blue, green and red, etc. 

The photo below is a great illustration of that. There are two main opposite colors: dark blue and deep red matched with a neutral model's shirt. 

girl standing with book

Lightroom Presets: 90s STYLE

When you are taking your own photos, think afront which colors you would like to use. Choose different outfits and make sure that they match the location's color palette.

Vintage Location

This list wouldn't be complete without the 90's location ideas. One of the best ways to portray this period is to take some photos at the fair. 

girl eating candy

Lightroom Presets: 90s STYLE

If you are in Europe, then you have a lot of options because there are so many old looking buildings. In the US, you might need to get a little creative by visiting fairs, outdoor cinemas, and bowling alleys. 

In this picture, the girl is in front of an old car which portrays the 90s perfectly. All you will need to do is to brainstorm a little bit before the photoshoot. 

girl with red lips

Lightroom Presets: 90s STYLE


90s Photo Editing Tips 

The 90s have a nostalgic feeling in it. Thus, the editing will include lifted shadows and blacks. Adding noise is part of the game as well. Dreamy, pastel colors, soft skin tones, and reduced highlights will dominate your images. Overall, it is a really cute movie look!

girl eating candy

Lightroom Presets: 90s STYLE



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