Best Lightroom Presets for Instagram Bloggers

Best Lightroom Presets for Instagram Bloggers

Mobile Lightroom presets are extremely easy to use and quickly add gorgeous photos to your Instagram account. However, which Lightroom presets will look the best on your Instagram grid? Different presets work for different kinds of photos. Urban photography will look best with Minimal presets, while tropical photos will look better with Bali presets. If you don’t know which presets would work best for your niche, this article is for you.

Trendy Presets

What is currently trending on Instagram? Nude Tones presets are one of the latest trends on Instagram. These presets are soft, feminine, and very minimalistic. The most important feature is that they are minimal but warm. Normally minimal presets have a more desaturated and colder look in them, focusing on greys and other desaturated colors. Nude Tones have the same minimalistic effect but focus on the soft skin tones. This gives your feed a more natural feel. If you are looking for something new that is neither very vibrant or completely desaturated, you will fall in love with these presets.

High Contrast Look

High contrast presets will most probably be always around simply because it makes your photos pop. This kind of effect isn’t only achieved by increasing contrast. Actually, high contrast photos look best when the style is achieved by playing with different colors. Increasing the blacks or whites is just one way of creating an eye-catching look. By reducing the number of colors and increasing the vibrancy of others, you can achieve a stunning Instagram feed. Depending on your personal preference you can choose between:

These presets are our best selling ones. They are full of colors and definitely catch an eye. Bright, vibrant and most trendy colors of aqua and suntanned skin effect. 

Desaturated High Contrast look: 

What Kind of Presets Work Best on Instagram?

Let me tell you one thing straight up. Most probably you can make any look work for you. However, there are definitely certain trends that work better. For example, black and white photos normally don’t work on Instagram. They are great and all that but people react better to color. Very vibrant and colorful feeds usually get a reaction. In most cases, people have a pretty strong opinion-whether or not they like a highly saturated feed. In other words, you will get people who will fall in love with your photos but you will also get some who will simply hate a saturated look. The minimalist feed is normally liked by most people. This is definitely the safest choice.

What Kind of Minimal Presets Should I Choose?

When it comes to the minimalist style, there is more than one choice. You can go the route of high contrast and darker skin, bright and airy or dark and moody. All of them can fall under the category of minimal because all of them will desaturate certain colors and highlight others. When taking photos for such feeds you will also want to take into consideration which category they fall under. 

Brownie Presets

These presets look great with every skin type. Forget yellow tones on your skin. Achieve a pretty and high contrast look with the help of carefully chosen colors. High contrast, dark browns, and white whites. 

Bright and Airy Presets

Create a light feel in your photos. All of your photos will become brighter and more eye-catching in seconds. Bright and airy presets are created for those who love a clean and stylish feed. 

Dark and Moody Presets 

If you are looking for something new and different, combine the minimalist style with darker tones. This will definitely set you apart from others. 

Must-Have Presets

As a blogger, you probably see your Instagram in a business opportunity kind of way. If that is the case, you most likely need to upload a lot of good content. One of the best ways to keep your Instagram interesting is to introduce multiple presets to your feed. We currently have a Mega Pack for professional Lightroom presets lovers that includes 15 different Lightroom Presets. The best way to use it is to choose 12 photos that work best with one preset and change the preset after that. Every 12 photos you can create a completely different look and keep your Instagram feed consistent. Check out our mobile and desktop presets pack which will allow your Instagram feed to stand out. 

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