How to Take Better Selfies with Your iPhone?

How to Take Better Selfies with Your iPhone?

Taking great selfies is a real art. Especially if you open your mind to a wide range of possibilities. Learning about light, angles, photography modes can increase your selfie game immediately. But the one thing that deserves your attention is Advanced Selfie, which is usually created with the help of a timer and tripod. 

Here’s the deal, normal selfies are great and nobody’s arguing with that. But there is a great difference between a whole natural selfie and an advanced selfie, which you planned. This article is all about helping you tell your authentic story on Instagram through professional photography.  

3 Hacks to Make a Better Selfie Immediately

Without further due, let’s jump into the real tips and tricks that allow us to take better photos even if we use a selfie stick.

1) Photo Quality

HDR. Or in other words, High Dynamic Range imaging is a pretty common feature on both iPhone and Android. Changing your phone settings will only take a second but make a huge difference.

Where to Find HDR mode?

Most of the times HDR mode will be at the very top menu when you turn on your phone camera. 

HDR settings mobile photography

Even better if your phone supports RAW images. What is the RAW image format? In simple terms, this kind of image will be a lot more flexible while editing. The downside, however, is that raw images take up more memory space than for example JPEG.

Where to Find RAW formatting?

Not every phone has this option. However, if your phone does have a RAW mode, you will find it in the PRO Mode camera section. 

PRO mode camera settings

Once you choose that, RAW formatting will be at the very top of your screen. 

RAW camera mode

2) Lights

When I started paying attention to the light, my photography improved immediately. Soon enough, all of my friends were making jokes about me because I would put so much attention towards the right light. And then they stopped making fun of me because it works. 

When is the best lighting?

If you have never taken images during the golden hour, this is your time to shine. Try and experiment with the golden hour (basically, an hour before sunset). I feel like I look 10 times better in that light. Now as fas as the basics go, if you are inside a room, usually window light is your best friend. Direct sun can be great but it’s difficult to take the photos right. So if you are just starting out, look for shade. Some of my best photos were created in the shade. 

Just take a look at how stunning the image looks like when you take it just a little bit before the sunset. 

By the way, if you are curious, I've used the MERCURY preset here to make those colors stand out.

3) Test Different Angles

It’s always great to let your creativity float. For example, if you are just visiting Milan, you will most probably stand in front of the main church and snap a selfie. This will most probably result in you and a beautiful wall behind you. However, if you came further from the Church and took a selfie, you would most probably see the beauty of the church in the background. It's all about perspective.

That being said, when I think of great angles I always try to do everything that tourists wouldn’t. Before taking a picture, I usually look at other tourists and how they take pictures and doing the exact opposite. Most of the time people just place the camera in the center and snaps a picture in a way that you can see both you and the church. But why? Why not take it from behind, top or left corner or even place the phone on the ground? Being different is what makes people see different perspectives in photography. 

This is especially important if you are not traveling but simply want to take a beautiful photo back home where every place has already been visited a couple of times. 

Look at this photo, it's definitely one of my favorites. And the most interesting thing about it is simply the angle. 

caramel preset photo

What is an Advanced Selfie? 

Thanks to the Advanced Selfies Diva Sorelle Amore the concept of a selfie has been changing. It’s not just a snap that you take when you look pretty or try new makeup. Advanced selfie is a piece of art. And for an outsider, it could even look that a professional photographer took your photo.

Let’s talk about the advanced selfie itself now. Ready? You may need to buy a thing or two for this but I promise it will be cheap and definitely worth it! 

Don’t Get a Selfie Stick, Get a Tripod.

You can always tell if somebody used a selfie stick and it immediately attracts attention. When you take photos with a tripod, it looks more professional and doesn’t distract the eye from your photography art. It’s a lifesaver. Of course, you can take your own pictures without the tripod if you are very creative. But for me personally, the tripod allows me to focus on the picture taking, not worrying that my phone will fall off. And just an FYI, tripods are cheap. 

Get a Bluetooth Remote.

This little piece makes selfie photography even less annoying. You will not have to set a timer and go back and forth. You will be able to take a couple of photos before you have to take a look at your phone camera again. And I am sure I don’t have to tell you that it takes a couple of tries before you get that photo right. 

Bonus Tip:

Practice. I mean it. Taking great photos takes time. Feeling your body, trying new angles and outfits. It’s extremely important to simply expect that it will take time and nobody’s photos were perfect from the first few clicks.  

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