Black & White Lightroom Presets: Different Versions

Black & White Lightroom Presets: Different Versions


I personally love black and white photos, so I figured sharing some of my favorite Black & White presets would be fun. The list below is broken down by category so you can quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

Matte Black & White Presets

You'll find this preset is ideal for portraits and fashion photography, with a soft light and muted tones that are perfect for bringing out the natural detail in your subject's face. It's also great for setting moody backgrounds like backdrops at night or in dark alleyways.

I like to use it on portraits and travel photos. It's also great for fashion and street photography because it gives you that gritty urban feel. The reason why this preset works so well is because it softens up skin tones while keeping bright colors from being washed out too much.

black white lightroom presets matte

Many photographers have a preset that they find works well for their style of photography. We've created go-to Black & White presets presets for this kind of look. Also we've Black & White II for even more variety. 

black white lightroom presets

black white lightroom presets

Dramatic Black and White

Dramatic Black and White is a great preset for any image that requires more drama, like portraits, landscapes and street photography. This is a really versatile look that looks great on almost any image.

High Contrast Black and White

This works especially well when you're shooting portraits, landscapes or cityscapes. You can also use it for wedding photos - just make sure that you have enough light (or are using flash) so that the bride doesn't end up looking like she has no eyes!

black white lightroom presets


If you want to get started with black and white photography, try one of these presets. They will save you time in the editing process and give you professional results.

lightroom presets black white

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