California's 10 Most Instagrammable Places to Stay under $250

California's 10 Most Instagrammable Places to Stay under $250

California is known for its photographic opportunities. However, if you want to stand out and take photos that blow away your friends and followers, you will have to invest in a nice place to stay. A stunning view of the beach, minimalist furniture, lots of white space and most importantly a cozy apartment that allows you to treat yourself. As you probably know, Airbnb does just that. 

I've selected 5 dream apartments that will be the perfect backdrop for your photos. Obviously, California gets expensive really quick so all of these apartments are under $250. You can find mansions for more than that and I will definitely write about those one day as well. However, for now, let's focus on something that is more affordable and still completely stunning. One more thing, get $50 off by ordering your stay at any Airbnb via this link

Also, all of these are entire places so that you wouldn't feel weird taking photos when someone else is a different room. 

#1 Industrial Loft in Downtown


There's nothing better for photos than a loft with huge windows and lots of natural light. On top of that, this place has hammocks! Redbrick walls, a cozy fireplace, the view from the 13th floor, and breathtaking views of Fresno’s lights at night. 

#2 Lovely cottage 

hot tub near  forest

Cozy cottage home with a spa and edge pool. You might want to catch a sunrise or sunset in this pool to get a pretty picture. On top of that, the place is located in a cute cottage. 


Needless to say, all the photos will look better when you take them well-rested. The property is a nice area in the midst of wineries. 

#3 Cozy and Chic Retreat Home

Newly renovated historic property with a vintage bed, a clawfoot tub, and a stunning garden. You will find a tree swing in the garden which is more than perfect for a dreamy photo shoot.  

wedding photoshoot

Each room is full of stylish details that you could use for your Instagram shots. 

kitchen shot

#4 Private Studio with 360 Views

stunning patio with hammock

This patio is amazing not only for San Francisco's sightseeing but simply for chilling out. Also, so many cute ideas for your photos. Inside, there are huge windows so you can definitely take some pictures as well. 

#5 Cabana with Warm Watsu Pool


Incredible scenery with an outstanding outdoors oasis with tropical plants and whimsical glass balls. Cute porch with swinging chairs, sauna, pool, and jacuzzi. If you love tropical shots, this place will be perfect for your photography. 

#6 Cute House with a Magical Yard

tiny house with yard

This house is full of lights and carefully designed little details. There's also an outdoor shower surrounded by redwood trees. 


However, the very best thing about this place is an outdoor hot tub. The place is also conveniently located less than 20 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. 

 #7 Beautiful Tipi Glamping on a Scenic Ranch


Tipi is definitely a unique and cozy place. In other words, this is glamorous camping. If you up for a little bit different, love animals and a really cozy spot, you will love staying and taking photos here. By the way, the stars at night are stunning.

bed in tipi

Tipi is fully equipped with a bed, heating, and air. However, this is still a camping experience, so the tent will get a little too cold in the morning and a little too cold at night. Just plan your day in a way that you don't have to spend it midday in the tent and bring some extra blankets for the night. 

#8 Yacht Life in San Diego

Have you ever wanted to go on a yacht? Well, now you can also sleep in it! Fantastic views of the harbor, kayak, paddleboard, and a pretty cockpit area.


You will be also able to check out the views of downtown. If you are looking for something new and exciting, this is it. 

#9 Miniature Mansion


TIny houses are quickly gaining popularity. They are pretty, cozy and further away from civilization. Enjoy stunning sunrises, sunsets, and a full night sky of stars. In order to make this place, even more, Instagram friendly, bring some candles, lights, blankets, fruit, and champagne. If you are taking the photos during sunset, turn on the lights in the house. 

house lit up during sunset

#10 Charming Guesthouse in Sherman Oaks

brand new american house driveway

Last but not least, here is this brand-new guesthouse with an outdoor patio/yard area. Watch the real stars at night in a peaceful patio. 


You can also expect cozy details such as fresh flowers at the place. Needless to say these kinds of props can be used in your photoshoot as well. 

table with flowers and two stools

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