Colorful Instagram Feed Inspiration (Interview with Fashion Influencer)

Colorful Instagram Feed Inspiration (Interview with Fashion Influencer)

Sunny. Vibrant. Fun. That's the feeling that you get when you check Laura Diaz account! Instagram is the perfect place to express your creativity and personality. From the choice of colors to the photos, you can share your thoughts and ideas. 

This time we will talk with a fashion and photography enthusiast Laura, who will share how she makes the most out of her Instagram account. Let's discuss the aesthetic that she chooses and how it allows her to create unique and interesting content. 

Why Does Laura's Instagram Feed Work So Well?

Laura chooses to show her personality through a mix of vibrant and soft colors. It creates a nice moody feeling with a POP of color throughout the Instagram feed. 

Instagram feed summer style

All of her photos are interesting and have a carefree feeling to them.  

Why Did You Choose 123Presets?

"I wanted to change my feed and I decided on buying them because they were pretty" - Laura. 

If you are thinking about changing your Instagram feed and looking for a new style, check out our latest presets. Mobile presets are great because you can edit your photos on the go. Within a couple of clicks you can enjoy a consistent Instagram look that matches your style. 

Why Do You Use Lightroom Presets?

"I always try to keep a colour palette throughout my photos, 123presets helps me make the whites, blues and yellows stand out more, which is what I like", - influencer Laura. 

ice cream

One of the main reasons why people choose Lightroom Presets is that it allows them to keep a consistent color palette throughout their everyday photos that are shot in different lighting conditions. 

"It made my feed look more professional and way more pretty than it used to be. can buy a pack, therefore many filters are included and they are also easy to use.", - Laura. 

Which Are Your Favorite Presets?

"My favourite 123presets are Vintage, Miami and Fashion." - shared influencer Laura Diaz.

Miami and Fashion presets have one thing in common - vibrant and fun colors. People who choose these mobile presets are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. They enjoy colorful and fun colors of their Instagram photos. 

Vintage adds a more moody kind of look. If you are a fan of brown tones and washed-out greens, this preset will be perfect for you. It creates a movie kind of feeling in the photos. 


Vintage presets are perfect for sunset photos and outdoors. Tan skin tones and lifted shadows are a big part of these presets. Create a unique and stunning Instagram feed with a couple of clicks. 


Miami has always been one of our most popular presets. Here's what our clients have to say about them: 

"I‘m just in love with this preset😍😍😍❤️❤️"- Armeanu G.

"I was super apprehensive to purchase a preset because I didn’t know how it would look in everyday pictures, but I love this preset! It looks good on any photo and really makes pictures pop" - Logan C.

"Miami package is my absolute fav" - Ndapewa J K.

"Your presets are the best!!! I really love it!!" - Ilaria M.

"I love these presets they are so easy to use and I even featured them in my YouTube video." - Annalisse R.

Miami presets are the ones that make your photos POP. They create the perfect beach look with tan and glowing skin, vibrant colors, and ocean blues. 


Fashionista presets bring out the deep red colors in your photos. It creates a nice accent in contrast to a toned-down and soft background.

These presets are the perfect mix of both worlds: minimalist and moody style mixed with a colorful deep red color touch.

Here's what our clients have to say about Fashionista presets style: 

"Absolutely love this filter pack! My favourite colour is red and this pack accents red in a gorgeous way. Blue skies end up looking incredible and colours just pop! Skin tones also are helped (I love the V4 for pictures of myself - makes the skin a gorgeous light caramel colour!)" - Amy. 

"Fashionista is really beautiful with red dresses!!!! Goes along perfectly!!!💃🏻♥️" - Azel T. 

"Such a gorgeous, more subtle preset! Makes my photos pop in an understated but beautiful way." - Brandy C.

Which Photos Work Best with 123Presets?

"They suit every type of photo though I prefer to use them when I edit pictures at the beach or with a white background" - explained Laura Diaz. 


woman's top summer look

Hence, if you want to add a beach feeling to your Instagram feed, check out 123Presets and get the so wanted summer glow in your everyday photos. 



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