Creative At-Home Photoshoot Ideas (+ photo examples)

Home is one of the best locations to take your pictures. First of all, you can take them hassle-free. But most of all, it's great because that's where you are the most relaxed and can make your personality shine.

However, sometimes taking pictures at home becomes a real creative challenge. How many times can you post a picture in front of a mirror? Obviously, a photo in front of the wall will get boring really soon as well. 

So let me share a couple of tips that will keep your home photography interesting. Without further due, let's look at inspiring home photography examples that will encourage you to take those premium photos today. 

#1 Idea: Use Props

Whether it's a hat or an old camera, it can add personality to your picture. Props are great because they help you tell your story and showcase the authentic you. 

Vintage props are my personal favorite. However, don't be afraid to experiment with some silly props as well. A nice prop will set the mood for your picture. However, a crazy prop can create an unexpected look that you'll love!
woman taking picture
Preset: Creamy

#2 Create Movement

Try taking pictures while you're doing something: walking, drinking, jumping, looking out the window, etc. Movement makes the picture more interesting, and, most importantly, natural. 
Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's nice to just look at the camera and capture a moment. But if you are looking for something different that will create a specific mood, then you definitely want to think on what you do and how you move. 
woman in car
Lightroom Presets: Black Mood
By the way, there are so many little things at home that you could use and that will make your pictures feel more alive. For example, you could blow your hair with a hairdryer and create a nice magazine effect. 

#3 Brighten Your Day with Flowers

It's so nice to get flowers sometimes without any particular reason. So why not get some for yourself and create a photoshoot with them? Flowers add interest in photos. They can become the focal point in the image. That's why choosing the right color is important. 
In addition, you could get preserved flowers and use them in multiple photoshoots. It's a quick and simple way to make your photos stand out from the crowd. Smell them, cover your face with them or put them in your hair. There are so many inspiring options!
woman smelling flower
Preset: Boho Wedding

#4 Play with the Light

If there is one thing that gets mentioned in photography tips repeatedly, it's lighting. The lighting is extremely important and either sets your photo for success or failure. Without the good lighting, it's impossible to make your picture work. 
Natural lighting is a great option and is definitely a must have in your photoshoot. However, once you are ready to explore some new ideas, experimenting with different lighting options has to reach your to do list. 
Even your own lamps from home can be an option. Try them, test them out and see what comes out of it. 
Another option is to get different color lights. That way you can create interesting results that will help you achieve the Instagram feed aesthetic that you love. Most of all, it will help you look at your own photography with a new set of eyes. 
girl looking away
Preset: Rich & Clean

#5: Choose a Bold Outfit

Select an outfit that you wouldn't wear on a casual Friday. Choose something bold, edgy & different. Clothes help us express ourselves in pictures and ads a personal touch.  
Usually, it's good to select something that makes you feel good. However, here, at home, when you are looking for new ideas, it's nice to try something completely different. A look that takes you out of your comfort zone! 
woman in kitchen

#6 Get Your Makeup Done

Even if there's no birthday party to go to, dress up as if you have one coming. Get your makeup & hair done, and wear a dress that's special to you. Wearing clothes that we love, gets us feeling better and that shows in the pictures. It's a nice way to celebrate life and add something more interesting to our everyday. 
girl in classy dress
Preset: Creamy

#7 Get a Nice Portrait

One of the good things about taking pictures at home is that you can focus mainly on the subject. Turn of the lights, add one or two main lamps in front of you and create a portrait that all of your friends will notice. 
When you are not distracted with your surroundings, it's a lot easier to evoke a certain mood and feel. Think of something funny, sensual or sad, and capture your emotions. Look directly into the lense and translate the feeling that you're experiencing at the moment. 
Not only is this creative, it also allows you to be authentic and express yourself. 
woman portraitPreset: Golden Hour

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