Dark & Moody Instagram Look with Influencer Lindz

Dark & Moody Instagram Look with Influencer Lindz

Meet Lindz, a fun and stunning Instagram influencer who always brings the best emotions to her photos. Laughing, smiling and showing real emotions. Her Instagram feed is full of beautiful photos that are edited with mobile presets. Today we will find out how she achieves such an aesthetic look.  


    "My go-to is always dark and moody and coffee lovers. The combo gives me the perfect balance of a pop of color and the shadows I’m looking for." - shared Lindz.

    It’s always interesting to me to find out which presets people choose because I feel like it helps to find out about their personality and preferences really quickly.  

    However, there is another big part why her Instagram is so nice. It's the emotion that her photos carry. Most of her photos capture sincere emotions. That definitely catches attention.

    Dark and Moody & Coffee Lovers presets that were chosen by Lindz work really well with interior photos. These presets add clarity, which always looks great in interior details because. On top of that, dark presets add a stylish, magazine-like feeling. 

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