New Dark Skin Presets that Will Make Your Photos Look WOW

New Dark Skin Presets that Will Make Your Photos Look WOW

I have written about this once before and reviewed four best presets for dark skin. This time I want to introduce a brand new product that was inspired by one of my own favorite influencers @sleepinthezoo

Let's be honest, dark skin doesn't always get the attention and care that it deserves. These presets are created for dark and tan skin to highlight its best features. High contrast, silky smooth skin tones that accent all the right places. 

Dark skin presets deserve special attention. They have been created for tan and dark skin. It's an exceptionally trendy and elegant Instagram look.

What to look for in dark skin presets? 

Well, I think we can all agree that these presets have to make your skin look stunning. Perfect skin presets will make your skin tones look super smooth. 

Especially in portraits, it's important to have your skin tones on point. The right contrast and color balance take photos to the next level. This is what makes the difference and makes the photos look professional even if you take them with your phone.

The main features, I would look for in my presets would be these: 

  • Silky smooth and glowing skin 
  • High contrast photos
  • Elegant color choices
  • Trendy look

However, the main thing is whether or not the preset showcases before and after images of dark skin. It is difficult or almost impossible to guess how the preset will act unless you actually see it in a photo. 

So at the end of the day, you just have to compare the before and after images and see what you like for yourself. 

What to Avoid in Presets for Dark Skin?

A lot of this comes down to personal preference. However, you will probably want to avoid extremely orange tones because they will make your skin look fake.

Also, presets that are too dark. In that case, the photos are less eye-catching. And we don't' want that.

One more thing (this applies to all presets products), make sure that the preset pack you choose has more than one preset. This allows you to keep the same style in all of your photos even though their lighting and shooting conditions are different.

In short, avoid:

  • Too orange tones
  • Presets that look too dark
  • Only one preset option

Aqua Tones 

Some of the most loved colors in photos right now are aqua tones. Aqua color skies and water make your photos stand out. 

One of the main things that you will notice in the picture above is that the preset desaturates the greens a little bit. This creates a more organic and natural look. Also, these presets make the sand looks so much nicer. 

Elegant Feel

Dark skin presets focus on the smooth and well-defined skin. It's a subtle edit that will bring out your best features. 

High contrast and sharp images with warm tones. That's the main goal of this preset. This is one of those presets that can take an everyday photo and make it look WOW. 

Stand Out from the Crowd 

Make your photos look brighter, lift the shadows but don't lose their depth. Make whites whiter and add subtle intensity to your colors. A  formula that accents all the right places. 

Other Presets Loved by @sleepinthezoo

There are other presets that @sleepinthezoo loves that I want to share with you. Presets are simply too much fun to only have one. There are different occasions for which you will want different presets. 

Husky Presets

These presets are for those who want to highlight and sharpen their images. As you can see from the photo above, your skin will look silky smooth and high contrast. I personally love this look because it minimizes orange tones.

On top of that, it gives your photo the so wanted definition. For me, this is a magazine cover.

Santorini Presets

If you are looking for a fun and colorful look, this is it. Santorini presets bring out the most beautiful vibrant colors. Stunning blue and orange contrast. These are the presets that you want to take on holiday with you. 

Also, you can use these presets when you want to make your everyday photos POP. This is definitely a color boost that will stop people from scrolling on Instagram. 

Miami Presets

Brighter and truly high contrast images. Miami presets make your photos POP just with a couple of clicks. These lightroom mobile presets allow you to enjoy an amazing aqua ocean color. 

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