Designing Aesthetics with 123Presets: A Candid Chat with OrangeGrove.Home

Designing Aesthetics with 123Presets: A Candid Chat with OrangeGrove.Home

At the heart of the beautiful Orange groves, resides Jenn, the proud owner of the Instagram handle OrangeGrove.Home. With over 13k followers, she crafts an enchanting narrative of her house in the groves, offering inspiration in home decor and DIY projects. Today, we take you on a journey behind the scenes of her stunning feed as she delves into her experience with 123Presets.

Jenn has a wide array of favorites when it comes to our presets. "Autumn, Boho, and Clean are some of my go-to's," she tells us. Her choice reflects a balanced blend of warm, free-spirited, and minimal aesthetics, perfect for a home decor enthusiast.

Her experience with our presets, however, offers some constructive insights. While she appreciates the ease they bring to her editing process, she raises concerns about the clarity of the images after applying some presets. "Sometimes they are different in reality than what they appear to be with your photos," she points out. We're grateful for her honest feedback as it helps us strive for continual improvement.

When it comes to installation, Jenn confesses, "I don't feel that they are easy to install, however, I am fully capable with instructions." Our team is committed to making the process as straightforward as possible, and we're always here to help.

As a passionate photographer, Jenn has always loved the process, and while the presets haven't altered her skills per se, she appreciates how they enhance her images. "The photos turn out nicely after editing using Lightroom presets," she comments.

Looking ahead, Jenn hopes to see presets that offer clearer image outputs. "I love moody, boho, creamy vibes. I just feel that the quality of my photos is sometimes compromised," she shares.

Despite her concerns, Jenn recommends 123Presets to others, recognizing their role in making the editing process more enjoyable and efficient. "They are a great starting point for editing!!" she enthusiastically adds.

We are delighted to receive such valuable insights from OrangeGrove.Home. Our chat with Jenn underlines the critical role of feedback in continually evolving our product offerings. 123Presets is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality, and rest assured, we're taking Jenn's input into account as we continue to refine our presets and user experience. Stay tuned for the future - we're only just getting started!

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