Different Photo Editing Styles: How to Find the One?

Different Photo Editing Styles: How to Find the One?

From minimal style to vibrant and colorful. Choosing one style is difficult for everyone. There are so many options! However, by selecting one, you will set the mood and also help your followers to get to know you better. 

Let me say one more thing before we start: there is no right or wrong style choice. There's only the correct and incorrect choice for you specifically. So don't go after the numbers of likes on your photos to define your style. Stay true to yourself to find the theme you have always wanted. 

Step #1: Start From What You Already Have

Scroll down your own Instagram feed and check out your photos. Do you usually choose dark urban, bright minimalist style or vibrant travel photography? Also, what kind of captions do you normally write: long & personal, short and sweet or funny and try to make people laugh? Now, we can also talk about your personality. Instagram is a personal platform where people are looking for authenticity. So the better you know yourself, the better you will be able to translate your ideas on Instagram.

Step #2: What Kind of Photos Do You Usually Take?

Portraits, landscapes, food, fitness, fashion, memories or travel? Each one these have a specific style that fits them best. Your photography topics are as important, if not more, as your editing style. Check your Instagram right now, what type of photos do you usually take? After that, plan 12 posts and you will soon see how it becomes easier to continue a consistent feed. If 12 posts seem overwhelming, just decide on two topics, e.g. selfies and fashion. This will make your feed consistent and pleasing to the eyes of your followers.

Portraits are the most flexible kind of photography. You can get really creative and even change a person’s skin color. However, the more authentic your portraits are, the more liked they will be. So make sure that your presets do not make your skin color dull. Portraits also look great with high contrast presets. Especially if you take them in a studio, you could deepen its shadows and blacks for a more moody look.

Landscapes usually look best with vibrant colors and increased clarity. By choosing a preset that has fairytale colors, you will be able to create a landscape that will stop people from scrolling.

Food photos need to look realistic. You don’t want a banana to look green. Warm tones look great on food photography,

Fitness photos look great with high contrast, vibrant colors, and increased clarity. You want your skin tones to look a little bit darker and contrast increased so that you would highlight the muscles you worked so hard for.

Fashion photography can go either route. However, most photographers choose a magazine look, which deepens the greens, and darkens the shadows, maintaining a relatively bright image with decreased highlights. One more essential thing is the right color palette. You will want your clothes to look their very best.
Memories - this is probably the most flexible type of photography.

Step #3: Get Inspired

Ideally, you should do this for at least a week. However, if time is limited, half an hour will be enough. Simply log into your Pinterest accounts and look for your favorite photos. Create 4 different boards: 1) fashion, 2) minimal, 3) vibrant, and 4) dark. Once you do that, simply set your timer for 15 minutes, search for different photos and add them to these 4 boards. The results might surprise you. This will definitely help you get to know your favorites a little better.

Step #4: Consistency

When it comes to an Instagram gallery there is no right or wrong answer. Consistency is key. So if you do decide to switch gears and choose a different preset or photography style, make sure that you do so gradually. I will talk about advanced Instagram filters next. However, let me tell you something. If you choose to post all of your photos RAW. Whether those photos have been taken during sunrise or sunset or just capturing your life as a journalist - all of these can work. You simply need to stay true to yourself and find what kind of feed allows your creativity to flow the most and keeps you going.

Now you are basically set, let me just share with you which presets work the best with which style.

Fashion Edit

Minimal Edit

Vibrant Edit

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