Explore Top Presets from 123 Presets: Edit like a Pro with These Stunning Filters

Explore Top Presets from 123 Presets: Edit like a Pro with These Stunning Filters

With so many options to choose from when it comes to editing tools, a guide like this is a great way to point you in the right direction. And what exactly is the proper way to go about when selecting filters? What makes one better than the other?

The answer is in the details that make up each one of the tools I will introduce you to. Where one brings vibrancy along with color and light, the other might set the stage for a more minimal look. Once you become familiar with these gorgeous packs you’ll have a better idea of how you can adapt them to your own personal style of photography and the direction you want your feed to go in. 

But more importantly you will also become inspired by the possibilities that each tool has to offer, and will learn from the approaches that each one leans towards. Neutral packs will make you lean towards light colors and high contrast when selecting outfits or picking a location, while the more dazzling of filters will see you glowing on a vibrant vacation. 

So on we go!

Modern Simplicity, Stark Minimalism, and 100% Style

Having a stylish feed has been the quest of all kinds of lifestyle blogging, from fashion forward content to a variety of health and wellness accounts. You could say that fashion photography has influenced many other areas and now, for example, creators focused on active lifestyles, sports, and the development of their own businesses all want that artsy and professional feel. 

To kick off this list is Dark and Moody, a dramatic, minimal, and edgy tool that tans skin, increases whites, and reduces yellows and greens. The result, as shown by a stunning picture of sparkly boots by creative account @platform.ig, is moody and expensive perfection. 

On a lighter note, Bright and Airy preset is peaceful and joyful perfection. This preset is all about warm tones that stay calm and simple, giving you just the right tone adjustments for a soft perfect shot. Winston the pup (@wisco.winstonthecockapoo) on a plush bed shows us what this filter can do for you, with his soft fur blending in perfectly with the environment. 

influencer dog

For a more balanced take that is still modern, effective, and beautiful, choose the Minimal preset. Content creator Patricia Lehmann (@patricialehmann) wearing stunning neutrals in front of a decaying building is proof of this tool’s versatility.

Vibrancy at its Finest: Bold Choices for a Bright Future

Don’t feel like holding back? No problem! Style and good taste can be as colourful and bright as you want them to be. And this is exactly the mood that the following filters will bring out in your photos. How much color and texture is up to you. 

Let’s start with Sakura, a bomb of pinks, purple, and blue tones as alive as the cherry blossom tree itself. Beauty influencer Nasia (@nasiabelli) makes perfect use of this filter by surrounding herself with beautiful plants and bright fuchsia flowers. 

She gives us another look at the bright life by posing in front of the beach, where her pink bathing suit contrasts with the full and vivid blues of the water and sky behind her. 

Never camera shy, Nasia shows us one more color filled take, this time wearing yellow, carrying orange flowers, and using the stunning Barcelona filter pack. This tool instantly tans skin and will give you sunny mediterranean drama. 

Influencer photos

Still not Sure which Way to Go?

A middle of the lane approach might just be your perfect answer. Take a look at beauty and lifestyle creator Viktoria (@viktoria.kristina), who by using Vanilla mobile preset in a photo of her at home, makes her floral arrangement and surroundings look smooth, silky, and perfectly balanced. 

Blogger Lina from Sweden (@livlina93) uses the Orange preset to get a vintage orange tone in a neutral photo of her hair and accessories. This tool, just like Vanilla, is a pack you can trust to add style and class to almost any photoshoot while keeping your feed consistent and professional. 

minimal style influencer

From modern and minimal, through bold and colorful, and ending at balanced and warm, each one of these are top examples because of their clear sense of direction and the ability to instantly improve and inspire. And the best part is that you don’t have to stick to just one. Instead, play with different setups, take some tips from these bloggers, and put your editing hat on. A world of things to photograph is waiting for you. 

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