How Do You Make A Cinematic Look In Lightroom?

How Do You Make A Cinematic Look In Lightroom?


Let’s take a look at how you can create cinematic looks with Lightroom. We’ll go over some recommendations and tips for creating stunning images using Lightroom.

Get Your Cinematic Presets

There are several options available to you when it comes to purchasing Lightroom presets. We consider to take a look at our Cinematic presets specially created for this kind of look.

best cinematic lightroom presets for film look

Deep, desaturated, and muted tones for professional photos. Add a cinematic feeling to your photos and make them stand out from the crowd. Create a dreamy look with just one click. 

best lightroom presets for cinematic look

Also if you would like to get the same look with your video footage, we have to offer Cinematic LUTs (video filters). Get same look for all your social media posts and videos. 

Other Cinematic like photo and video presets

There is several other option to get cinematic look: Polaroid presets is a great option for everyone who is looking for unique 70s style pictures with a modern twist. Vintage-inspired retro presets that create moody images. 

Also you can edit your video footage with Polaroid video filters (LUTs)

Also Disposable presets create stunning photos with pastel mint undertones. Transform your pictures into a bright and airy look with a modern twist. Create an aesthetic look that stands out from the crowd!

best lightroom presets for cinematic look

Also Disposable video filters (LUTs) to get the same look for your video footage.

If you're looking for more creamy look, 1960's Vintage presets will help you add beautiful, trendy, warm, muted and unique tones in your photography. 

best cinematic presets for lightroom photo editing

You can now edit your photos to have a cinematic look!

You can now edit your photos to have a cinematic look! Also you can use presets to do this or you can edit it by yourself, try to play with:
  • Exposure
  • Highlights and Shadows
  • Contrast
  • Clarity
  • Vibrance, Temperature, Tint

Also you can do this by going to the Develop module and clicking on a preset in the left sidebar. There are presets that mimic film stocks, so if you want to make your photos look like they were shot on Super 8 or Kodak Vision 3 500T 5219, there's a preset for that!

best cinematic lightroom presets


The next time you’re editing your photos, try experimenting with some of these presets to create a cinematic look. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make your photo look like it was taken by a professional!

best lightroom presets for cinematic film presets

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