How to download and import the presets (Android Guide)

For Android users such as owners of the Samsung Galaxy S series or Google Pixel, installing the presets on your Lightroom app is straightforward. There is no requirement of a desktop nor a laptop.

Android PDF instructions: click here

Installation guide for Lightroom mobile without desktop (Android)

1. Go to your apple or play store. 

1.1. Download Free Lightroom App.

1. Download and import your presets

1.1. (0:00-0:01) Once your payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download the presets.
1.2. (0:00-0:02) Open email and press "VIEW YOUR ORDER".
1.3. (0:11-0:17) Scroll download until you will see red button DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES, press it.
1.4. (0:22-0:25) Press on the ZIP folder and PDF instructions.
1.5. (0:26-0:27) ZIP folder will be automatically saved in your mobile device. Click on it. (Or you can go to your mobile download folder to see it).
1.6. (0:29-0:29) Press EXTRACT.
1.7. (0:30-0:35) Select all of them.
1.8. (0:36-0:42) Click SHARE button and find your Lightroom app. 
1.9. (0:45-0:55) Wait until all the presets will be loaded into your Lightroom app.
1.10. (0:57-1:59) Once they are loaded, click here to open your Lightroom.
1.11. (1:01) Here you should see all your presets.

2. Save Presets

2.1 (0:00-0:04) Open one of the preset.

2.2 (0:05) Click 3 dots in the top right corner and select CREATE PRESET.

2.3. (0:06-0:12) Name your preset as you wish.
(0:13-0:21) Create new folder so you can easily find your saved presets in the future.

2.5. (0:21) All checkboxes under the SELECT should be left marked as they are, they do not need to be adjusted.

2.6. (0:23-0:51) Repeat the same process with all the versions of presets. All our presets come with more than 1 preset, so you should save and try all the presets that come with the collection. They're all slightly different, but go well with each other and you will still have a cohesive feed.

3. Save Presets

3.1 (0:00-0:06) - Go back your main Lightroom gallery (ALL PHOTOS) and choose your picture that you want to edit.

3.2 (0:06-0:10) - Find PRESETS option at the bottom Lightroom menu.

3.3 (0:11-0:15) Then click here and find the folder that you’ve created.

3.4 (0:16-0:30) Try different presets and find the the best fit, save it. That’s it.

3.5 (0:31-0:37) Select LIGHT and the bottom menu if you want to make your picture more darker or lighter. You can make your photo lighter by adjusting the exposure.

3.6 (0:30-0:42) Or make it more defined by adjusting contrast.

3.7 (0:43-1:00) If you would like to adjust your your skin colour (if it comes too orange\too dark\too light or too tan), all you need to do is go to COLORS and select ORANGE color and play with hue, luminance, saturation. Sometimes you need to select RED color depending on your skin tones.

No presets (files) in Lightroom gallery? Sort by import date

1. (0:00-0:02) If you not able to see presets in your Lightroom gallery or some versions of presets are missing, press 3 dots in the top right corner.

2. (0:03) Then press SORT BY IMPORT DATE.
(0:04-0:09) and press IMPORT DATE. Make sure that the newest photos are in the top of your gallery.


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