How to Edit Instagram Stories with Your iPhone or Android

Let me tell you how to make your Instagram stories look a lot more professional. They are the creative space that sets you apart. Also, editing on the phone is a lot of fun and really easy to use. I will mention my favorite Lightroom presets for Instagram stories because they are definitely essential for a stylish photo. I will also add my favorite apps for graphics, frames, collages, vintage look and video editing.

Make the blues pop, brighten your photo and get rid of orange skin tones. Choose a style that fits with your personality from vibrant and eye-catching to dark and moody. Stories are great because you can use different lightroom presets there because they will not mess up your feed.

Free Lightroom App

Many useful features are available on this app: from using a custom preset to getting rid of orange tones in your photo. This app is definitely my go-to when it comes to photo editing. It only takes a second for me to apply a preset and after that, I could immediately post on my Instagram. However, if you want to take your Instagram game to the next level, you will need some collages to create your own personal style. Especially, on Instagram stories.

What are My Favorite Lightroom Filters?

I personally like Minimal, Bright & Airy, White, and Brownie the best. If you take a look at these filters, all of them have minimalism in common. I love muted colors and a lot of white space. Less is more with these presets. You do not have to use one preset for your whole feed. Honestly, I do not recommend that. Some photos look better when Minimal presets are applied, and some look better with Bright and Airy.

My own personal rule is to choose at least 6 photos for the feed with the same presets pack. This way the feed looks consistent. However, for Instagram stories I let my mood decide which preset I will use. All of the presets mentioned above work really well together so I really do not stress too much about that. You can even change your style over time. For example, instead of using Minimal presets, you can start using California or Miami during the summer, Fall Vibes or Halloween during autumn. Just keep in mind that this transition has to happen gradually or your feed will not look as good.

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