How To Get More Followers On Instagram

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Here's a strategic and easy to follow guide on growing your Instagram account. 

Instagram is the king of all social media, a status the platform gained thanks to its visual qualities that quickly engage viewers.

Its simplicity and accessibility rapidly turned it into the perfect place for building a following that could then be used for any purpose. 

Since so many people have taken to Instagram for entertainment and business purposes, users have been keen on finding ways to increase their following and optimize their accounts to continuously grow. And one thing you can be sure of is that their tips work.

So why exactly would you want to grow your account? Put simply, growing the number of people that follow you builds you as a brand and allows you to inspire and motivate others. Some use their platform to promote brands and products, while some like to share their artistic talents, life experiences, and opinions on social activism. 

I know that the idea of growing your account seems intimidating, but fear no more! The following tips will give you a clear path to success that is organized, simple, engaging, and that will ultimately influence the algorithms that Instagram works with. 

How Can I Get More Followers On Instagram? The Golden Rule Is To Keep Your Posts Consistent 

It is no surprise that this is the first and most important rule since consistency is truly the key to getting better at anything. Ever played a sport that you eventually got good at? Or how about playing an instrument or learning a new hobby? No matter what the activity you learned and enjoyed was, being consistent was the first thing you did to become good at it. 

Instagram is no different, and since content is everything on this platform, posting regularly ensures that your account is seen as active and current. Social media is a fast moving world, and keeping up with its pace is essential for growth. 

A good way to stay on track is to keep a posting schedule that is a balance between your life, the content you post, and the fact that you need to post frequently. Try to think about this schedule like planning your workouts or visits to the gym, and similarly bloggers recommend posting every two to three days as a healthy goal to keep your account feeling fresh. 

Make Yourself A Plan And Follow It Consistently 

Let me give you a rough draft: 

  • 7x stories per day, 
  • 3x posts per week,
  • 2x reels per week, 
  • 1 live video per week, 
  • 1 IGTV video per month. 

Now, making videos may feel daunting at first, but trust me, it gets better. Start small. For instance, make a story video. It’s not going to stay there forever. 

Instagram is a Visual Platform

Get mobile presets. They will save you time and money. Most importantly, they will help you make incredibly beautiful pictures on the go. All you need is your mobile phone. With 123Presets you will be able to enjoy tan, glowing skin and a stylish aesthetic on each picture that you take. Most importantly, you’ll create a cohesive Instagram feed. 

Remember, getting visitors is one thing. Turning them into your followers is another. And an aesthetically pleasing feed is a must have. 

Always Keep Track Of Your Analytics 

Instagram is all data, and algorithms work by noticing and manipulating this data in order to make social platforms entertaining and useful. This is why keeping a close eye on your analytics is a must when it comes to growing your account. 

To view your analytics you need to turn your account into what is called a professional or business account. Do this by login on, going to your profile, and then selecting the ‘settings’ menu. Once inside, go to ‘account’ and scroll all the way to the bottom and select to switch to a professional account. Now you can start taking a deeper look at your users and you can narrow in on what content is doing best and when. 

Once you have access to your data, the most important thing to do is to check your insights to see when exactly your followers are visiting your account; specifically what days and what times. The goal here is to find out what your peak time is and then post an hour before the start of your peak time. If your followers are active at 9:00 am, then you will want to post at 8:00 am to make sure your post is viewed by the largest number of people at the same time. 

How To Get Followers On Instagram Fast Through Engagement That Is Genuine And Consistent 

When it comes to engagement, the key thing to remember is that a high number of followers doesn’t mean strong engagement. You could have built a huge following and still not have people interact with your account as much as you would like them to. This means not enough likes, comments, and shares in relation to how many people follow you.

Having a good engagement ratio between your followers and what they are doing with your account will influence Instagram’s algorithm to boost and promote your account. This means that you will appear more in people’s feeds since the platform knows that others are interested in interacting with you. 

The logic is simple: get people to play with your account and Instagram will automatically want to show it to others. This is in essence how marketing works, and social media platforms use technology to follow these type of advertisement principles. 

So what is the best way to get people to engage with your account? Within the first hour of posting, respond to as many comments as you can and make sure that your replies are at least four words or more. Instagram will recognize this as a genuine conversation and will in turn promote your post. Also use hashtags that are both common and targeted, insert keywords that aren’t too broad so that they appear higher up in searches, and write captions that people can connect with at an emotional level.

You Are The Brand, So Self-Promote With Creative And Eye-Catching Content

Regardless of your own personal reason for wanting to get more followers, at the end of the day you are promoting your account because you care about content and want to market yourself in ways that feel authentic and full of purpose. Whether it is lifestyle, art, product advertising, or making a statement, your visuals should always be attractive and of high quality. 

Posts and stories that are aesthetically pleasing are likely to get more people interested and will get you either shared or some other form of interaction. This is especially true of influencer accounts as well as those focusing on highly visual themes such as traveling, fashion, performance arts, and beauty topics like makeup and hair. 

How To Increase Followers On Instagram For Free Through Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a quick, easy, and appealing way to post consistently and keep your engagement up. At first, it might seem like stories are simply there to show a picture or give an update. But stories are so much more than this and provide great opportunities to maintain your viewers connected. 

Because engagement is everything when it comes to tapping into the platform’s algorithm, make sure that your stories give your followers opportunities to interact. By adding stories with options to see more content, and using boxes with questions or opinion polls to start a conversation, you can have users start exchanges with you. 

Re-posting from your main feed to your instagram story is also a good way to get more people interested in and interacting with your account. Some users like to browse stories and their accounts may not have picked up on your main post, so drawing them back to your profile through a story is an excellent method to have the algorithm notice and therefore boost you. 

All in all, remember that more stories means more time spent on your account, which means more use of the platform and in turn a stronger chance to be promoted. However and in similar fashion to main posts, your stories should be entertaining and a solid reflection of your account in order to keep followers drawn to you.

The More You Are Shared, The More Reach Your Account Is Getting

By now it is clear that getting people looking at and interacting with your account is the most crucial element in being promoted and gaining more followers. If you are shared, not only are you being advertised by other users, but you will also be recognized by the platform’s algorithm as something worth advertising. 

The key to getting shared is a mix between strategy and content. In regards to content, knowing what your followers enjoy and being aware of topics that are trending will make your posts desirable and likeable. If humor is what your account gets the best feedback on, then funny posts that are relevant to events that week are likely to get reposted. 

Strategy will help you get shares by making sure that your content stays diverse and consistent. For example, if you strategize to have five stories a day, a main post every other day, and three reels a week, then you are providing more options and more content that can be shared. Moving away from the theme of your regular content for a day is also a fun way to connect with and gain new followers. 

Other Useful Tips to Grow Your Followers Number

Before I list all the other ones, just let me remind you about the right hashtags. Feed photos are still a great way to reach your target audience. Don't forget them. 

One of the ways to find out which hashtags work best is through this site

How To Increase Likes On Instagram Through The Location Features

Let’s start with the location feature, which is an easy and quick way to have your content appear on searches and promote interactions. It is also a way to create more interest and relate to viewers personally. By appearing on location searches and then being clicked on, you are giving Instagram another way of slipping you into its list of what to promote, so always remember to geotag your posts. 

Niche Content

Niche content is also an excellent way to seek engagement and likes. By studying your followers and tapping into the internet for content that is unique and specific, you are funnelling through Instagram accounts and reaching users who are looking for specific things. If your account is focused on travel, then posts that target modern art galleries and museums will stay true to your themes and will make you appear in targeted searches. 

Tagging The Right Account

And for a final tip, share your love for other accounts and engage users who already follow and enjoy those accounts. Instagram is a huge network of people that are linked through mutual interests, so create connections with established and relevant accounts to boost your own exposure in a strategic and friendly way. 

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