How to Take and Edit iPhone Photos to Look Professional

How to Take and Edit iPhone Photos to Look Professional

You won’t find one magical rule that will immediately transform your photos. However, there are definitely some tips and tricks that can immediately transform your photography. For example, professional photographers always edit their photos before posting them online. This is what allows them to showcase their style and also highlight the most important moments. Editing is now part of storytelling. It’s a new way to see photography and create photos through your point of view.

People always say that you should learn from others' mistakes. I’ve decided to create the ultimate resource for learning to take more professional photos with your phone. Many phones nowadays have a “PRO mode” that allows you to take photos in a more professional way. But even without that, there are many things that photographers consider to create stunning photos.

Shoot in Portrait Mode

This mode doesn’t always work so well. However, maybe in the future, it will. For now, you need the right background and the right light for it to work. Either way, it is definitely worth testing out because it creates the desired depth of field. One thing you might want to note is that you do not want to be too close to your subject. On top of that, make sure that the background behind your subject is further away as well.

How to Take Photos in Portrait Mode?

Open your camera app and swipe to portrait mode. You will quickly find this mode at the bottom of your phone. It’s right next to “photo” and “video” modes.

What is the best light for portrait mode?

Without a doubt, it is natural light. Now, natural light doesn’t mean direct sunlight. Honestly, if it is a sunny day out, you may want to look for a shade. However, if it is slightly cloudy, that will be your perfect lighting for portrait mode. Just make sure that your subject stands in front of the natural light.

Get Creative

Shoot through things. For example, if you see a nice door or window, make it into a frame. Capture your subject in the middle of it. Also, create depth by having objects, for example, place a plant or a colorful transparent glass in front of your lens. Once you have used all of the objects surrounding you, create new ones. You can cut a plastic bottle’s top and bottom and shoot through it. Or check out other creative ideas that will help you start creating really interesting photos.

Capture Emotion

A person’s eyes are one of the most eye-catching things for us human beings. When a person is genuinely laughing or showing other emotions such as fear, anger, trust, happiness, sadness or surprise - that on its own makes it a great photo. Look, nice and smiling photos are great. Nonetheless, the ability to capture a sincere moment when people hug each other with joy or a person looks into your lense deep in though create photos that transform everyday photography into something special and unique. Wouldn’t you find it more interesting yourself if the photo would make you think or feel something? It’s not an easy task. However, it’s definitely an interesting one.

How to Edit iPhone Photos?

First of all, download the free mobile Lightroom App on your phone. Once you do so, you can definitely mess with exposure, highlights, blacks, clarity, and other color sliders. If you take anything from this article, at least add a little bit of clarity on your phone. The thing is that you want to add some details to your photos. However, make sure that you don’t over-edit. You don’t want your photos to look too orange or plastic. The quickest way to make your photos look professional is to download Lightroom Presets that are created by PRO photographers. All you will need to do is to choose a style that you love the most and apply the preset with one click. I have also written an article before specifically for those who take photos of people with darker skin. Here are some presets that work wonders.

When I edit my own photos I always pay attention to the skin tones. That’s why my own personal favorites right now are Bright and Airy, Minimal, and Nude Tones. All of them create stunning skin tones and make my skin look a little bit darker.

I would also like to add some additional tips that could help you improve your editing.

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