How to Take Better Instagram Photos for Normal People?

How to Take Better Instagram Photos for Normal People?

Let me start this article by telling you that I myself hated most photos taken of me for most of my life. One of my friends even played a game of taking as many photos of me as possible because he knew how much I hated it. Great times.

Everything changed once a professional photographer took my photos. Now, not all of us have the luxury of having a best friend who loves photography. However, I do strongly recommend that at least once in your lifetime you try taking photos with a professional. The directions they give are priceless.

In this article, I will share the tips I found out along the way that helped me finally like my photos.

How to Take Instagram Model Photos?

One of the key ingredients is posing. It is completely crazy how that can change the image.

Pose in an asymmetrical way. Your hands and legs should do something else. This way the photo looks more natural. 

woman posing for a photo

Create angles with your body. Check out this photo and how she has her arm in 45 angle. 

woman in fields

Use your surroundings. Do not be afraid to sit on a table. Holding a cup also helps to look more natural and do something with your hands.

woman sitting on a table

Do an action. Instead of focusing so much on your left leg or right arm, try doing something. For example, sit at your desk and browse the internet, read a book, look through a window, slowly walk towards the camera, fix your earings, spin on a chair. Focusing on action instead of posing helps to look more natural and also enjoy the photoshoot more. 

blonde sitting at a desk

Fake laugh. Especially when I tell a group of friends to try laughing even if there is nothing funny around them, they start to laugh naturally. This usually works once but it works. You start laughing at the situation and even if the laughing photos won't fit, you will definitely get better photos afterwords.

couple laughing

Cover a part of your face with an object. Especially at the beginning of the photoshoot you will feel more comfortable by separating yourself and the camera lens a little bit. The bonus point is that you could achieve pretty interesting photos. 

woman with leaves

How should I pose my face in a picture?

Everyone has a completely different face so you will have to find a flattering angle for your face. One of the ways to do that is to take multiple portrait photos from completely different angles. Once you do so, just choose the side that you personally prefer. You could also do that with a mirror, check how the light and shadows fall on your face. However, for me it is easier to compare when I just look at a photo.

How to relax your face for pictures?

If somebody told me to relax my jaw a couple of years ago, I felt even tenser because I simply didn't know how to do it. But do not worry, I got you. This super simple hack is probably the most important one from the whole article. 

If you want to relax a particular part of your body, you have to tense your muscles first. 

For example, you feel like your hand looks unnatural. All you have to do is to put your hand in a fist and squeeze it for five seconds. Once you release just shake it a little bit and you will immediately notice the difference. The amazing part is that you can do that with any part of your body from eyes to toes. 

How to take good Instagram photos for guys?

Body position is definitely one of the things that can help you immediately. So choose forty-five degrees either left or right side. For guys straight up looks great because it makes them look strong.

Also, guys are usually not used to taking photos. Thus, I good idea is to start with a mirror. You will most probably feel silly at first but it will help you feel more comfortable when an actual photo is taken. 

For portrait photography, one simple trick is to bring your jaw line out and chin up. Do not do it too much but just a little bit. This will create a beautiful jawline and make your portrait outstanding.

One way that could help guys feel more comfortable in a photo is to bring their hobbies in the image as well. 

man with snowboard

I hope this helps! If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to comment. For more inspiration, you can check the 123Presets Instagram account. :) 


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