How to Take Aesthetic Pictures of Yourself at Home with Your iPhone

How to Take Aesthetic Pictures of Yourself at Home with Your iPhone

Taking pictures of yourself can always be a challenge, especially if you haven’t done that before. In this article, I would like to share a couple of ideas that can help you create advanced selfies.

Forget the Selfie Stick - Get a Tripod

Selfie sticks aren’t fun because you can immediately tell if someone has used one. Tripod, on the other hand, looks a lot more professional. You could even think that someone else took your pictures. 

In case you would like to have more than one photoshoot of yourself in the future, you should think about investing in a little tripod. They don’t cost much and can most definitely make a big difference. Let’s be honest, setting up your phone or camera with books and water bottles will be tricky. 

Also, taking photos is supposed to be fun. And I can promise you one thing - a nice camera (even if it’s just your phone camera) and a little tripod can make a world of a difference. 

girl with grey jacket

Lightroom Presets: Darker Skin by @sleepinthezoo

Choose Good Lighting

If you are taking these photos for Instagram, ideally, you should go for similar lighting conditions. Also, if you are taking the photos with your phone, you need to make sure that the place is well lit. You don’t really need to do anything crazy. Most phone cameras are of great quality. 

dark skin girl with beautiful hair

Lightroom Presets: Darker Skin by @sleepinthezoo

However, it wouldn’t hurt if you while taking a picture, you would stand in front of the window. Natural lighting is one of the easiest to control. Especially if you are taking photos during an overcast day. This way you will not get any weird shadows under your eyes. 

Clean Your Phone Lens & Set a Timer 

This may sound obvious but we all sometimes forget to do it. Simply by cleaning your camera’s lens you can make a difference. Don’t forget that we use our phones all the time so it’s fairly easy for the lens to get dirty. 

As for the timer, that is a no brainer, it will simply make your life a lot easier. 

Keep It Simple 

It’s tempting to put on bold accessories when you are taking photos at home. Or try a more dramatic makeup. All of that is a good idea as long as you choose only one main element. The truth is that in elegant photography less is always more. So you do want to experiment but choose your experiments wisely. 

For example, if you have a stunning necklace, use it. But make sure that you don’t wear huge earrings or any really bright colors. One mind-blowing accessory is more than enough.

girl with hat

Lightroom Presets: Darker Skin by @sleepinthezoo

Choose a Color Palette

The rule of thumb is to keep your background neutral. Either way, you want the viewer’s eye to focus on you and not the yellow wall behind you. There are three main Instagram styles that currently attract attention: 


Minimal presets decrease the number of main colors automatically. This allows you to create a stylish feed within seconds.

However, even then it’s important what kind of colors you choose in the photos. Each minimal style preset has a few dominant colors that you would need to focus on. In general, these presets usually add high contrast to increase the intensity of your images. 

Minimal presets collections examples: Brownie, White, IG Style, Light and Airy, Bright and Airy.


Make your photos POP by adding color and saturation to them. Deep red tones, aqua blues,  tan skin, and bold colors.

Vibrant presets create a bold and fun look to your photos. These presets will most definitely make your photos stand out. 

Colorful presets: Barcelona, California, Sunkissed, Santorini, Sakura.


Dark and intense presets that set you apart from the crowd. A vast majority of Instagram accounts choose minimal and vibrant presets. Hence, by adding a dark and moody feeling to your photos, you create a brand new and personalized look.

Moody presets: Dark and Moody, Clean, Husky, In Vogue, Blueberry.

Either way, there is a wide selection of presets that will help you create your own favorite look. 

Tweak Your Presets

I am not talking about spending hours trying to figure out the color sliders (unless you find it fun). I am simply saying that once you apply the preset, check your exposure slider. Different lighting conditions result in different presets results. 

Edit Your Photos 

Lightroom presets can make a huge difference in how your feed looks. Just think about it. You’ll just need to upload your images, click a few buttons and enjoy a consistent color palette. 

Instagram feed is one thing. But adding PRO images to your stories can definitely make other accounts stop and check your photo out. Instagram is a highly visual platform. Having an image that attracts attention is key to a successful account. 

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