How To Tweak Photo After Applying Preset?

How To Tweak Photo After Applying Preset?


This article will show you how you can save yourself time by tweaking your photo without having to start over again from scratch or revert back to the original version of the photo before applying any preset effects.

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Let me share our video tutorial on how to adjust presets to your own taste

Here's our brand ambassador video with her own tips and tricks that might help you:

To correct exposure problems, you can use the Basic Panel to adjust the Exposure, Highlights, and Shadows sliders. You can also use the White Balance tool to correct white balance in your image.

To change the color balance and temperature, click on the Basic panel icon at the top of your screen and select Color Mixer.

The Color Mixer allows you to adjust the colors in your photo by using sliders for Temperature, Tint, Saturation and Balance. 

Want to try more advanced settings? Use the Split Toning setting.

Split toning is a technique that uses two different colors to create a color gradient. You can use it to add a color cast to your image, which is often used to make an image look more vintage or dreamy.

To split tone an image in Lightroom, first select the photo you want to edit and click on the Split Toning icon in the Basic panel of Lightroom's Develop module. Then, click on the Color checkbox so that it turns blue and drag up or down until you find a color combination that works for your picture (the colors will appear on top of each other). You can also adjust their intensity by dragging left or right along a slider beneath each one.

Tweak the details with the Detail Panel.

The Detail Panel is where you'll make the most important decisions about your image's sharpness, contrast, and noise. The Sharpening sliders are used to increase the overall contrast in your image. This can be helpful for bringing out details that would otherwise be lost or washed out. You can also use these sliders to create a more dramatic effect.

The Noise Reduction sliders help reduce unwanted noise in your photo without adversely affecting anything else about it (like its color). Luminance Contrast increases or decreases the contrast between different tones of grey within an image—this is useful if you need more definition between lighter and darker areas of an image

Experiment with the Brush Tool.

The brush tool is a powerful editing tool in Lightroom. It can help you add texture to your images, remove imperfections and blemishes, or create soft focus effects.

To get started, click on the adjustment brush in the toolbar at the top of your screen. Next to that is an icon with a dot in it. This will open up more options for you to choose from when using this tool!

The most important setting here is which color you want to paint with (the default option is black). You can also change how large your cursor appears as well as what shape it has when using this tool by clicking on those icons next to each other below where you pick colors out!


So there you have it, how to tweak photo after applying preset. It's a lot easier than it sounds! If this article was helpful please share it with your friends so they can learn too :)

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