7 Steps to Improve your Instagram Account

7 Steps to Improve your Instagram Account

Seven steps for 7days to glow up your Instagram account. Would you accept this challenge? All of these tips will increase your social media engagement and create an Instagram feed that you deserve. 

These seven quick and simple steps will allow you to bring your Instagram account to the next level. Every little step counts to Instagram’s algorithm. 

Step 1: Check Out Other People’s Stories

Write genuine comments to people’s stories. That’s the best way to create a connection. You message them about something that they already care about. After that, you can start a real friendship and that could even turn into a collaboration. 

It’s called social media for a reason. The more social you will be on there, the more people will want to comment on your content. Even if you post the most amazing posts, people still need to see them. Being the person who starts that conversation, opens you a lot of doors. Most people expect a comment under their post or a like on their picture. 

However, a comment to their story is less common and that makes it more personal. 

Step 2: Update Your Instagram Bio 

Your bio is a chance for other people to get to know you and find out what your account is all about. If your niche isn’t clear enough, now is your time to think about it a little bit more. Ask yourself questions. For example, what is one thing that couldn’t live without? By asking the right questions, you will eventually come up with what is most important for you. 

Sometimes it isn’t so clear that you just know what you are passionate about. That being said, don’t worry. You can always find out along the way. Whether you know what your niche really is or not, choose something that would catch the passers-by attention. 

Step 3: Freshen Up Your Highlights

Don’t make people guess, tell them what matters to you. This is your chance to get more engagement for your stories. Also, it’s a good way to decide on your color palette. Soft and feminine or bold and colorful? This will set the mood for the rest of your whole account. 

Step 4: Get Your Feed a Makeover

Once you decide on your highlights, it’s time to think about how to make your Instagram feed even more aesthetic. Step four is all about figuring out what has already worked for your feed. If you don’t like how it looks right now, change it. 

Lightroom presets are a great help with that. They will adjust all the colors and tones so that your account has a stylish and consistent look. See which photos work the best. Check if there is enough breathing space in the images. Analyze if your photos are interesting and eye-catching. 

One thing that usually stands out in an Instagram feed is whether or not you plan your posts. You can use apps such as Planoly, to figure out which photos work best next to each other. 

If that sounds like too much hassle, you still need to decide at least in your mind which photo will go first, which one will go second, and which third. For example, your portrait goes first, full-body second, and the third photo is just some abstract image or quote. There isn’t a correct answer here. However, when you plan your feed, it shows. 

Step 5: New Profile Image

Now, while you are at your feed makeover, you might as well update your profile picture.  By making your highlights, profile pic, and feed on brand, you will create an inviting and cozy account. Photos are still the main thing that people notice on Instagram, only then they will read your captions. 

Also, if you want to gain new followers, your profile picture is extremely important. 

Step 6: Create Hashtags Sets

Analyze which hashtags already work the best for your account. When you know the main ones, choose a mix of small, medium, and large hashtags that would work on different posts. Once you do, just save them to your notes. Each time you will post a new post, you will be able to do it so much faster. 

Step 7: Brainstorm Content Ideas

Check your top-performing posts and think of new ones. Another way to think of new content is to ask people’s questions. You could even ask your followers in the stories. More than that, you could message them a private message. Last but not least is to start journaling. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, you could simply write down what you have learned that day. It doesn’t have to be an article either, it could be just a couple of sentences.

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