Influencer Interview: Nude Aesthetic Feed Tips (with Photos)

Influencer Interview: Nude Aesthetic Feed Tips (with Photos)

Have you ever wondered how influencers stand out and create a unique Instagram aesthetic? Let’s talk about which presets work best for specific feeds, how to make the most out of them, and create a consistently mind-blowing feed.

Today I am going to talk to one of my personal favorite influencers ___itsdaniela___. Her Instagram feed is always so elegant and full of white space. There is a bright and airy feel to her photos. Most importantly, all of them match her aesthetic and individual style.

Which Presets Do You Like the Most?

The “Nude tones” and the “Bright and Airy”

Both of these presets are usually chosen by Instagram influencers for a minimal, airy, and stylish look.

Nude Tones, in particular, is currently one of the trendiest looks on Instagram. These presets will make your Instagram feed stand out from the crowd. They create a natural look with brown, tan, white, and beige tones.

Bright and Airy presets also fall into the minimalist category. The truth is that these presets work really well together. They both focus on the elegant aesthetic but have different features as well that supplement each other perfectly.

There is a little bit more color in Bright and Airy presets. They are also brighter than Nude Tones. However, most things stay the same: it’s a clean preset with warm tones.

Why Do You Use Presets?

"Presets add a sparkle to any photo. I loved the tones and my feed was very beautiful with 123presets" - says Daniela. "They brought delicacy, shine, the serenity to my feed and this is very important to me because this is what I like to transmit to my followers."

woman smiling

This is something that we can all admit - the right presets will help you convey your personal values. 

Which Photos Work the Best with Presets?

"I love how 123presets looks good in all kinds of photos but if I have to pick one type of photos maybe the details ones." - Daniela. 

Which presets do your followers love the most?

I think they love “Nude Tones” because it was the one I used the most in my feed.

Why Did You Choose 123Presets?

"For me, it’s one of the best pages of presets. The friendliness of the team behind the site, the tones of presets and the fact that they have a huge variety of presets." - shared Daniela.

Why Does Daniela's Instagram Feed Work?

When you check out Daniela's feed, you notice one thing right away. She definitely has a plan for her posts. One of the main reasons why her feed is so pleasing to see is that she never posts two photos of herself next to each other. 

By adding photos of accessories, interesting details, and landscapes, she creates an Instagram feed that has room to breathe. 

Another thing, of course, is her color palette that stays consistent. This is achieved with the help of presets. However, there is more to that. All of her outfits consist of the main presets colors and follow their vibe: brown, black, white, and grey. The most important part that her outfits focus on fewer colors. 

Let's Explore Her Photography a Little Further

One thing you will notice right away in her photography is that composition is key. She usually chooses central composition and that works really well with her feed.

The photo above has a cozy feeling to it. Not only because there is a warm cup in the middle but also because in the background you can see a cozy and soft sweater. Each element of this photo is warm and fuzzy that creates a homey feeling.

On top of that, there aren't many elements in the photo. This is exactly what a minimal style feed needs: focus on only a few key elements.

Central Composition

This is probably the best example of how much the right composition means to her. The background highlights the central composition. 

In addition to that this is also a great example of minimalist style colors. Her outfit consists of only white and black. The dark elements of the outfit work perfectly for this photo by creating a high contrast between her and the background.

Different Fabrics

Another thing you will notice in her feed is how she matches different materials in her photos. These various textures are what make her photos interesting. 

different accessories

Minimal feeds are the ones that instead of highly vibrant colors, focus on textures, shapes, and contrast between images.


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