Inspiration for Your Instagram Feed (+ Photos)

Inspiration for Your Instagram Feed (+ Photos)

Inspiring and eye-catching content is what all creators are after, and tips and tricks on how to get amazing results are all over the internet. From photography advice, to picking the right location and the right filters, we can never learn too much on our quest for striking pictures. 

And what better source of inspiration than other creators’ feeds? I have made it a habit to take a closer look at the images I like the most while taking note of what exactly works in them. A great pose, beautiful color combinations, location suggestions, and how presets and filters are used to get gorgeous tones and finishes are all examples. 

Now let’s take a deeper dive into three creators and their images as a way to get inspired and learn new ways of doing things. Let your creative mind open and keep an eye out for fresh ideas that can bring your work to another level. 

Dakota Lauren’s Joy Filled Insta Profile 

Living out of Columbus, Ohio, Dakota is here to bring us personality, honesty, and most of all joyful fun. And really what more can you ask for than a trip going from summer vibes to the cozy holiday season, featuring warm moments with friends and stylish outings. 

Dakota’s color palette is very balanced with crisp and clear whites and tans as well as deep colors. Indoor scenes - such as morning coffee in bed with her pet best friend - feel friendly and intimate, and outdoor excursions - sunflower field anyone!? - feel inviting. 

The overall mood and tone of her profile is made up of vibrant smiles and expressions of excitement, reminding us that showing emotion through posing is a great way to show your viewers who you truly are. So take a tip from this creator and channel your feelings through the art of posing. 

To elevate and complete her look, Dakota used the Sweet Home lightroom preset from 123presets, a professional, high-contrast, and versatile group of ten different presets that add definition and clarity. Sweet Home is pure heartfelt and warm perfection brought to you by bright whites, dark greens, and stunning aqua blues. 

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Barbie Cabrera: A Model’s Dos and Don’ts for Jaw Dropping Content

No one better to catch inspiration from than model and business student Barbie Cabrera, whose magazine-ready profile is pure bliss. Here we get to follow her and get a personal glimpse on her life as she travels, relaxes, and works as a model. 

The biggest takeaway from this profile is Barbie’s attention to posing and the many different ways in which she uses angles and different expressions to strike a balance between intrigue and happiness. A photo at a rocky beach is the perfect example, where white clothing contrasts beautifully with the brown stone while she leans in to the camera with slightly open lips to show a bit of mystery.  

Another great shot has Barbie front and center wearing a black slouchy blazer in front of a stark white background. The contrast is simply everything in this photo, and the use of Sweet Home preset accentuates these two neutral tones while giving her smooth and silky skin and hair. And what we can learn from her pose in this photo is that a sincere and direct look into the camera and cropping of the body in the right places will show genuine beauty and closeness.   

All in all, the variety Barbie gives us is as impressive as her posing. One day she’s at the beach, another day it’s winter in a big city, or perhaps we are on a one on one date with the model at a restaurant. The lesson: play around with poses, look for new places to visit and hang out in, and of course finish your photos with the right presets.

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Smiling, Styling, and Sharing with Robyn 

The profile of Canadian Robyn Elizabeth is proof that color coding, personal style, and having fun are a winning combination when it comes to planning new content. And stylish fun is exactly what this beauty does, with a perfect balance of outfit shoots in front of a mirror and sunny outings alone or with close ones. 

A picture of her wearing a light pink outfit is a winner in this profile and shows us how the right filter brings beauty and color coordination together. Here, Sweet Pink mobile preset ties in the rug, walls, her outfit, and even some clothes in the background to create a modern and unique vibe. Robyn tops this up by creating some contrast with the dark wall art and phone case. 

And how about a closeup selfie with a textured comfy sweater to make viewers feel warm and welcome? Light makeup, pastel tones all around, and emotional sincerity are the highlights here, while Sweet Pink preset balances the shot’s light levels while giving it a rosé champagne finish. 

pink presets edit   

What we’ve learned from these three gorgeous profiles is that sincerity and emotion are as important as color coding, styling, and the presets you use. I suggest you take a closer look at each of these profiles and steal a pose or two, see if you are inspired by an outfit, and feel the energy of each one of these creators through their charming expressions and bursts of happiness. 

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