Instagram Feed Ideas: Make Your Account Stand Out from the Crowd

Instagram Feed Ideas: Make Your Account Stand Out from the Crowd

I probably don't have to tell you that an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is a complete must have for an inspiring Instagram account. Your feed has to have a cohesive feeling to it. 

Matching color palette. Eye-catching images. And a theme that matches your personality. All of these elements are essential in creating an inspiring Instagram feed.

In this article, I won't just share some tips and tricks on how to do that. I'll show you examples of stunning Instagram feeds. And talk why they work for these specific accounts. 

How to Make Your Instagram Feed Stand Out from the Crowd? 

Right now, the competition on Instagram is fierce. It doesn't matter whether you are a brand or an influencer. There so many different people creating content. 

But don't worry, you can still stand out from the crowd. 

The main secret: be yourself. Sounds pretty cheesy, right? Most Instagram teachers would tell you the same thing. Maybe they would use some catchier words like "be authentic". 

Okay, so that's clear. The question remains: how? 

Choose a color palette that showcases your personality. Serious, dark & moody, elegant, fun, inspiring... Your personality traits are endless and they are what makes you the most human. 

Feed Inspiration Style #1: Bold & Edgy

If you are looking for a feed that's cool, elegant & moody. These should definitely catch your eye. Most Instagram accounts are bright, colorful and vibrant. So this is definitely a change. 

In the first example, you'll see a minimalism inspired feed. If clear and modern aesthetic looks pleasing, this style will work greatly for you. However, colors aren't the only thing that's interesting in this account. 

In order to pull off such a look, you need to make sure that your pictures stay interesting. When you take away colors, it becomes all about shapes and forms. So you have to make sure that your pictures are high contrast and dynamic. A nice mix between small and big objects. 

In the second feed, you'll notice high contrast dominating the look. This is a great example how Instagram presets can look earthy and natural. Your background is completely transformed but the skin tones are there.

When you look at pictures of people, you'll notice that natural looking skin tones, make the rest of the picture look more realistic. In other words, don't worry about changing colors of your surroundings. Just make sure that the preset you choose keeps your skin tones looking natural. 

Feed Inspiration No. 1:

Feed Inspiration No. 2:

Feed Inspiration Style No. 2: Soft Tones

This is a solid choice for those who love elegant aesthetic. Works incredibly well with sensual shots. Perfect selection for those who want to showcase different outfits and add a personal touch to them. 

In the first feed, you can see moody minimalism. This preset simply requires you to have dark elements in your pictures. For example, black purses, boots or even the whole outfit. 

Without those few touches, the feed can look boring. However, if you love wearing black color clothing or accessories. This kind of preset will create an outstanding and unique look. 

In the second feed look, you can see pink tones. Pink color tones are great because they let you keep the natural looking images. However, add a new touch to them. If you are looking for a stylish feed with a modern twist. These color tones are for you. 

Feed Inspiration No. 1:

Feed Inspiration No. 2:

Feed Inspiration Style No. 3: Warm Tones

Both of these feeds are from the same account. This just shows that you can mix and match two different presets and create a cohesive overall look. Both of these feeds have warm tones in it. The first one focuses more on deep browns. While the second one highlights orange tones. 

You can see that Livlina93 is mindful of her outfit and props choices. For example, in the first feed, se goes for darker outfits. In the second one, she chooses objects with orange tones. That's how the preset really can work its magic. 

Hence, always pay attention to the main color that the preset highlights and make sure that you either include outfit or props elements of that color. 


Feed Inspiration No. 1: 

Whichever Instagram feed style you decide to choose, just know, it's not a lifetime decision. We, people, tend to change, grow and explore new things. Don't be surprised if next year you'll look for a colorful and bright feed, when right now you just like everything dark and gloomy. 

That's why 123Presets offers Presets Bundles. Here you can get multiple style presets for a much smaller price. This way you can choose presets that match your current look. And change them up to keep your feed Interesting. 

Don't get me wrong, you can still keep the general feel, just make fairly small adjustments that will freshen up your general look. 

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