4 Instagram Picture Ideas of Yourself at Home

4 Instagram Picture Ideas of Yourself at Home

Forget about holding your phone in front of a mirror and taking a selfie, there’s a much better way. I am not talking about selfie sticks either. I am talking about taking photos of yourself with a tripod. This is a game-changer if it is done right. A tripod and a Bluetooth remote gives you an opportunity to express your creativity freely.

I have collected my personal favorite photos ideas that hopefully will inspire you to take your camera and create art.

Disclaimer: I do not want to say that normal selfies or selfie sticks are complete evil. There’s a time a place for that. However, you will be extremely restricted to what you can possibly do with your photography.

#1 Instagram Photo Inspiration

One of the best ways to make a photo look natural and fun is to use props. For example, take an empty cup of coffee and pretend that you are drinking it. If you are using an actual camera, you can try putting it in front of the lense and making it blurry. You can also hide one side of your face with the cup for a more artsy look. By the way, reading is another great way to create an interesting photo. However, one of my favorite props is fruit. Oranges, apples, berries can definitely add a color kick to the photo. Simply choose one main color and stick to it.

girl drinking coffee and eating breakfast in bed

Lightroom presets: Bright and Airy

Another way to use your bed for a photo shoot is to change your sheets, add more pillows, mess with your hair, change your outfit and try again. One more tip is to plan a weekend getaway just for yourself, book an Airbnb studio with big windows and lots of natural light and combine taking photos with some personal me-time.

Girl who is waking up Lightroom Presets: Bright and Airy

#2 Instagram Photo Inspiration

In case you have a bathtub in your place and it is also surrounded by natural light, it is one of the best photo ideas. For the photos to be even more stunning you could fill the bath with milk and flowers. Another great way for a fancy shoot is a combination of a bubble bath + champagne + strawberries. After going through all of that trouble, you could definitely spend some me time with a SPA.

woman drinking champagne in bathtub

Lightroom presets: Bright and Airy

#3 Instagram Photo Inspiration

Use different rooms for your photos. The living room is a great place for a photo. So is the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. Honestly, anything works as long as you have enough light. Actually, there is one more thing that is way more important than anything else mentioned before. Don't forget to have fun. This is what photography is all about. Also, this is when you get the best ideas. 

girl having funLightroom Presets: Minimal

#4 Instagram Photo Inspiration

Involve your hobbies. Do you like playing music? Take some photos with a guitar. Do you enjoy dancing? Play some music and show off your moves. Even if you like watching movies, you could still use it as a prop. This is exactly where the endless possibilities open. Also, everyone on Instagram simply loves hearing the real stories from your life. Creating photos where you are relaxed and being an authentic person has huge value. Another thing is that these kinds of photos encourage you to explore your reality and look for the positive and interesting things. Just look at this photo. It is  

Woman listening to musicLightroom presets: Traveler

How to take better photos of yourself at home?

Choose Natural Lighting

First If you are starting out, find a window and stick to it. Try different angles, compositions, clothes, props, but be close to the natural light coming out from the window. It really doesn’t matter how great your idea is if the lighting is off. So make sure you do this very first step right immediately.

Set the Right Mood

Look, the more happy and relaxed you will be, the more easily new ideas will flow into your mind. So take your time, get some nice snacks and drinks. The surroundings also help greatly to improve the quality of your photos.

Change your outfits

By mixing and matching your outfits, you will be able to achieve different and unexpected looks. Also, you will be able to use those photos for multiple Instagram posts. Take photos with your pets There is nobody else more loving and fun to take photos with than the man’s best friend. I also like doing that because it allows me to quickly test which places around my place look the best.

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