Instagram Portrait Photography Inspiration (with Photos)

Instagram Portrait Photography Inspiration (with Photos)

Before the next photoshoot, it is always nice to take a look at other photographers' work, learn and get inspired. Instagram photography is full of eye-catching images. Let's take a look at some of them together and apply their ideas in our photography. 

Lighting, composition, quality, and posing plays a huge role in photography. Instagram photography is no exception. So even if you take your photos with your iPhone, you can still take them to the next level with a couple of quick tips. 

Tip #1: Composition 

I will not talk about the rule of thirds or center composition this time. What I would like you to take a look at is how these leaves lead your eye to the model's face. The background composition is often overlooked and it exactly what makes this photo special. 

Another thing I would like to note is her hair. Her hair looks a little bit damp and that makes this photo more special. The truth is that people are pretty tired of completely perfect images. So having something that is not as brushed up as other things, make the photo more authentic.

Don't get me wrong, she is still wearing makeup and has perfect skin. But if her hair was completely perfect as well, that would look like an advertisement. Don't be afraid to show yourself. 

Lightroom presets: Hawaii

Tip #2: Get Closer

Portrait photography is great because you can get really close to your subject. When people take photos, they usually make sure that your whole head is in the shot. By getting a step closer, you can make the same photo a lot more interesting. 

After taking your photos and selecting your favorite ones, spend a couple of seconds and check out if you could make them better by cropping. This can make a huge difference in how the photo will feel. 

This photo, in particular, is interesting because you can't see the model's eyes. It creates a mysterious look and definitely catches your attention. 

girl hair

Lightroom presets: 90's Style

Tip #3: Posing

Posing makes a huge difference in how you look. There are photogenic people for a reason. They usually naturally just look good in front of the camera. If you are one of those unlucky ones like me who actually have to try, here are a couple of tips that will make your photos better: 

Create angles with your body. For example, in this photo, the girl is touching her hat and this way her arm is not straight but creates a shape. 


Lightroom presets: Sakura

Don't always look at the camera. Especially, if you are not used to taking photos, sometimes our eyes look tense and it takes time for us to relax. So, especially at the beginning of the photoshoot, look away. This will make you feel more comfortable and once you feel more confident, you will look better in the photos even when you look directly at the lens. 

Lightroom presets: 90's Style

Interact with your surroundings. Sit on the stairs, smell the flowers, touch the plants. In other words, use your surroundings to naturally place your arms and legs. You will look more natural and the photo will become more interesting. 

woman with green leaves

Lightroom presets: Hawaii

Tip #4: Take more selfies.

This will help you with your facial expressions and overall make you more comfortable in front of the camera. You will learn what you like the most about yourself. Even during a photoshoot, you could take out your phone and ask the photographer to take a couple of pictures of you while you are taking selfies. You can also crop those images later on so that it will not look like you were taking a selfie. 

girl taking selfie

Tip #5: Experiment with Makeup & Hair

When somebody says makeup, people usually think it's bright colors, full coverage, movie superstar kind of look.

However, what I mean here is the makeup that helps you create different looks. For example, a more natural look with defined eyebrows, nude lipstick, and contour. A little bit of shimmer on your shoulder looks stunning in the photos. 

Your hair is another topic that I would like to mention. In portrait photography, every detail counts. An interesting hairstyle can make a whole new look to your images. So if you want your photos to look different from the photoshoot, just change your makeup, clothes, and hair. For example, start with a nude look, then put your hair in a bun, add deep red lipstick, and change your shirt. After that, you could add lipgloss and eyeliner. 

girl with bun

Lightroom presets: Nude Tones



Lightroom presets: 90's Style


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