What Do You Need to Know About Instagram Reels?

What Do You Need to Know About Instagram Reels?

Every time that a new feature on Instagram comes out, everyone goes a little bit crazy. There’s a reason for that. Whenever it’s a new feature, Instagram’s algorithm really loves everyone who is trying to use it to its fullest. That means more traffic, more engagement, and more sales. 

What are Instagram Reels? 

In short, get the TikTok app and check out their videos. That’s basically what Instagram Reels are. They are short 15sec videos that are super fun to watch. 

Do you want to make one? Hold on to your profile picture in the same way as you would if you wanted to create a new story. Then at the bottom of your mobile screen, you will find “Reels” option. Then you can either make one from scratch or simply add some videos. 

You can also add captions and music (even though not all of the accounts have the music ready). An easy way to go around it is to create a video on TikTok with all the effects and music, save it and post it on Instagram.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Instagram Reels? 

Get inspired from TikTok. There are also quite a few quick tutorials that can help you make the transitions. Find one video that you like and try recreating it. It might seem a little bit difficult at first if you are not used to making videos. However, we promise you that it gets easier as you go. 

What are Some Trending Things that Instagram Influencers Already Do? 

One of the most popular videos is showing yourself without makeup and then changing into makeup and outfit. You can also create a quick lifestyle video showing your day. Think of it as a really quick version of a youtube video. 

People love educational content there. You can easily introduce a quick idea with the help of humor. It’s really short and it’s supposed to be that way. 

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