Instagram Story Ideas that Will Grow Your Account Like Crazy 

So many people don’t even check other Instagram feeds anymore. Have you noticed that you click more on other people’s stories rather than Instagram feeds? However, we all face one simple problem: we don’t know what to post. 

There is so much content on Instagram already. So we all want to stand out and get the engagement that we want. 

Before I start, just let me tell you one thing. Consistency is extremely important. If you don’t post stories, nobody will see them. Also, we all need some time to feel comfortable in front of the cameras. I think we can all agree that all of our posts get better over time. 

#1 Instagram Story Everyday Videos

Your life is an adventure itself. People love authentic videos where influencers share their behind the scenes, their lazy moments, fails, and any other things that make us human. Perfectly polished videos aren’t expected here. It’s all about capturing a moment and just giving a chance for other people to take a glimpse at your life. 

Many people watch the videos without a sound. Hence, add captions. All you need to write is one small idea that people can see from your story. That’s it. 

#2 Educational Content

People love learning. There’s a lot of surface-level information on the Internet. However, if you are an expert on some kind of subject, e.g. fashion or photography, you most definitely know certain things that come from experience. Sharing that experience with others is a lot of fun. On top of that, your viewers will appreciate helpful tips. 

We are humans. That’s the beauty of us: we are curious and we love learning. 

#3 Entertaining Posts 

If you can make somebody laugh, you have their attention. That’s why reaction videos are so popular. Let’s say you are a professional hairdresser. Your viewers will be interested in seeing what you think of other people dyeing their hair and whether or not they are doing right. All you need to do is to make sure that you make nice comments. 

Reaction videos are only one example. There are so many other entertainment ways, e.g. pranks or simply not taking yourself too seriously.  

#4 Get Inspired by Instagram Features

Instagram loves it when you use its features such as Instagram filters. Now, you can create the videos too by using its interactive filters. For example, you could create a short music video. Is there a message you want to send? This is your chance to get creative and write it on paper or with the lipstick on the mirror. 

#5 Ask Questions

One of the best ways to make your Instagram more visible is to collaborate with other Instagram influencers. They might be similar size as you, work in a complementing feed or you could even offer them something in return. 

Another way is to interview other people. They don’t even have to send a video. You don’t even know them. You could ask somebody that inspired you a genuine question and then share the answers with your followers. 

People love being interviewed. It also allows you to create a closer relationship with your followers. You will find out more about them and also about the content that they want to see. 

#6 Create an Actual Story

When I say a real story, I mean that there has to be an unexpected event and resolution. Basically, you start slow by introducing one idea at a time. Then after 3 or 4 of those something unexpected happens in that story. After that, you send a resolution. 

A very basic example of that would be a story inspired by the Little Prince: 

First story: There was a prince. (starting slow)

Second story: There was a rose. (starting really slow)

Third story: I am just a rose like any other rose. 

Fourth story: I am red, I have spikes, I don’t move from the ground. 

Fifth story: “No.” - said Prince. (unexpected)

Sixth story: “You’re not like any other rose” 

Seventh story: “You are my rose” 

Eighth story:  “You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose.” (resolution)

#7 A Glimpse of New Content

If you are a YouTuber or blogger, this tip is for you. Instead of creating content for all the channels individually, create a youtube video, choose the most important part and turn it into a story post. Don’t forget to add captions!

The same thing applies to blog posts, choose the main ideas and create a video out of it. You can simply post the quotes in the stories as well. 

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