Instagram Templates to Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram Templates to Increase Instagram Engagement

Are you wondering how to increase your social media engagement? One of the best ways to grab your audience's attention and also create a clean and stylish looking Instagram feed is Canva templates. 

The truth is that consistency is one of the key elements when posting on social media. Your reach will increase if you continuously post on your Instagram account.

However, that can become tricky fairly quickly especially if you own a business account. You will need a ton of quality posts. It will be difficult to do if you only post pictures. When you mix your content, you can post more posts per week and that is one of the easiest ways to increase your reach and engagement. 

What Kind of Content Increases Engagement on IG? 

Personal photos work really well on social media. However, you may want to include designed posts in order to create a unique and eye-catching feed.

Especially if you are a brand or content creator, your Instagram feed can be a great way to share your ideas. One of the best ways to do so is to utilize Instagram carousels. Instagram carousel posts that include 10 posts instead of one, usually receive more engagement and are shown to more people. 

How to Create More Engaging Social Media Posts? 

Creating Instagram stories, posts, and carousels are incredibly easy with Canva. You can buy professional and ready templates and easily edit them. You can also just create your own. 

When creating your own templates, you are obviously more limited then if you used Photoshop or bought professionally made ones. However, there is still a lot that you can do in order to keep your brand or personal account consistent and beautiful. 

Canva has a drag and drop feature which allows you to customize and edit the design on your phone or laptop with just a few clicks. 

How to Make Your Social Media Posts Creation More Efficient? 

The great thing with Canva is that you can use the same account on your computer and mobile. However, it's still good to do some organizing and create folders for your photos and designs. In addition, you can create an ideas folder or list. 

Sync all my images (quote cards created in Canva or even desk selfies) to Dropbox and import it from there (you can label your folder by month if it's helpful). You want your images to sync easily between your mobile and computer. I have folders for my designs, images from my phone, and even ideas for my idea bank. There are also other cloud storage and file backup services available, like Google Drive. 

How Does Canva Work? 

Canva is free both on your computer and phone. You can use free templates for your social media and just edit the copy. You can also customize the designs by changing fonts and colors. It's one of the easiest editing apps to use. Hence, you won't need to spend hours trying to figure out how the program works.

You can upload your own pictures and logos to personalize the posts even more. Most importantly, there are plenty of pictures and illustrations that are free and not marked with a watermark.

However, if you want a unique look on your feed, you want to look into paid professional templates. They are so easy to use but create a completely different feeling to your feed.

You can get everything you need for a professional-looking feed: highlights, carousel posts, and even animated Instagram stories. It's a great way to feature before and after images. 

Paris Post Templates

Inspired by Paris itself. Pastel colors, stylish design, minimalist feel. Everything that you need for an Instagram feed that stands out. 

What's Included in Paris Post Templates? 

The best part about these templates is that you can edit the designs so they would fit your own style and brand colors. You can change the images, background, colors, fonts, texts. Basically, you can change everything to make it your own. 

✔ 36 Professional templates

✔ Come in 4 different sizes - IG Story, IG Post, FB Post, Pinterest

✔ 100% Customizable

These templates are usually used together with photos edited with Lightroom presets. They have the same color palette as Paris presets. However, you could definitely match them with IG Style, Minimal, Brownie, and many more advanced presets. 

Film Post Templates 

Film templates will work with almost any Instagram feed. However, it looks best with Minimal or 90's style photos.

They also look great with a bold and moody look. Black and white elements add charm and create a completely different Instagram feeling. 

What's Included in Film Post Templates? 

✔ 35 Professional templates

✔ Come in 4 different sizes - IG Story, IG Post, FB Post, Pinterest

✔ Easy to Adjust

These Film templates are extremely easy to use on the Canva app. You can edit and adjust them there and create new quality posts within seconds. 


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