Minimal Style Instagram Feed Inspiration

Minimal Style Instagram Feed Inspiration

Minimalism is the one trend that you can always count on. With stylish appeal and a focus on white and other neutral tones, presets that are minimalist put you and your work front and center. I am always amazed by the many different kinds of photography that work with this style and how timeless it is. 

Indoor scenes look crisp, light, and modern, while outdoor scenes feel sharp and elegant. Even nature takes on a new life when using these presets thanks to the contrast they create with green and brown tones. When using minimalist filters, remember that picking the right clothing and surroundings is important in order to get the maximum effect from these tools.

For example, white walls along with other neutral tones will help your photos shine and will bring into focus whatever it is you are trying to highlight. Light clothing, vast outdoor scenes like sandy beaches, and of course architecture in neutral tones, will also help you get all the benefits of a minimal approach. 

Now let’s get inspired by looking at two gorgeous minimal tools from 123presets that are being used on instagram. The bloggers I will show you have different styles and come from different places. But regardless of what makes up their feeds, one thing is for sure: minimalism has served them well. Their photos feel luxurious, current, and most importantly they grab our attention. 

White Vibes: Stunning Simplicity All in One Place

This beautiful collection of six filters is an instant hit with bloggers and photographers thanks to the high definition and clean finishes these presets will give to all your photos. The goal here is simple- to make those whites pop for a polished and professional look. 

Content creator Samantha Robertson (@_sammiimariee) gives us a quick lesson on minimalism by picking a white bathing suit and a neutral background, both of which work perfectly with this filter to bring attention to the message on her hat. The sun in this photo feels alive, and shadows positively add a balancing contrast. 

Fashion and travel blogger Julie (@julie_nista) shows the versatility of minimal style and how striking plants and food look when using White Vibes. By placing color in front of white backgrounds, Julie makes the most out of this filter and draws immediate attention to her breakfast moment. The strawberries are lush, the pancakes look fluffy and savoury, and the whites look expensive. 

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Esthetician Karli Reeling takes us on a more personal journey and uses White Vibes to give a high contrast and sharp feel to an indoor vintage scene. Rich textures, simple modernity, and well-balanced tones are all features of this amazing preset. 

Try Bright and Airy for a Warmer Approach 

Minimalism can also be warm, and the Bright and Airy preset from 123presets is here to prove that simplicity is indeed full of life. Bright, brown, and airy neutral tones are the main players in this tool, giving your photos an intimate and classic appeal. 

American lifestyle blogger Kayla (@mamaoftoddlers) shows us the warm beauty and potential of the Bright and Airy tool via a gorgeously holiday-themed bedroom. The white of the walls and the sheets, paired with decorative objects made out of natural materials are the perfect combination for this type of preset. The greens feel nostalgic and are perfectly framed by the white starkness of the filter, while the wall hangings look luscious and creamy. 

For a more dynamic use of this tool, Belgian blogger Melissa draws us in to her pose thanks to the contrast of her outfit and the background. The browns here are also brought forward and complement this image by creating a balanced composition. All in all, Melissa doesn’t compromise expressing her inner-self in a warm and personable way while still keeping her feed edgy and stylish.

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Minimalism is For Everyone and Every Scenario

The biggest takeaway from looking at how these bloggers use minimal filters is the versatility that these tools have. They can make images look instantly modern, accentuate specific products or accessories, yet somehow feel personable and cozy. This makes them excellent for a variety of purposes and are more than reliable when planning to improve your images and overall feed. 

White Vibes is stark, clean, and eye-catching, and perfect for stunning indoor scenes and understated yet rich outdoor photography. A warmer sibling is of course the beautiful Bright and Airy collection, which brings life while accentuating clarity and focus. 

Not sure in which minimalist direction you want your photos to move towards? Try both! They will most definitely compliment each other and can be used back and forth depending on the photo itself. By using these you will end up with a cohesive feed that is striking and professional. 

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