More Top Filters from 123Presets: Get Inspired and Start Creating

More Top Filters from 123Presets: Get Inspired and Start Creating

Final editing touches are an essential part of creating a captivating and visually stunning feed. Content creators of all kinds know how important choosing the right filters is, and because of this they pay great attention to how editing tools blend with their photos. At the end of the day, picking the right location, theme, and style ideas can only go so far. I can never be reminded enough of how much a filter can do for your average photo. 

This is where 123presets’ amazing options come into play, with editing packs that are distinct, filled with beauty, and professional. Some are more modern than others, while some are closer to what we can describe as warm and fuzzy. But one thing is for sure, they are all fantastic tools that will give you amazing results. 

And with so much to choose from, nothing better than a little help and guidance. So here is a summary of some of 123presets’ top filters and how they are the best friends you have not met yet. 

Now let’s 1-2-3 go!

Easy, Breezy, Gorgeous, and Fun: Special Selections for Tender Photos

Love is in the air and around the corner, and if your content is a reflection of all things that are lovable and beautiful then you need filters that accentuate just that. Lush flowers and easygoing decor, light pastel outfits and bright smiles, tender moments by yourself and with others, and of course soft tones with light dashes of colour. 

And nothing says love like the Sweet Pink Lightroom Preset, a dreamy collection of four filters that are as sweet as candy. Perfect light balance and soft pink tones will add a classic and vintage feel to your photos that is nostalgic. On top of this, Sweet Pink overlays gold tones and enhances contrast, giving you a finish that looks complete and high quality. 

For another pop of emotion and tenderness, give Rainbow Lightroom Preset a try. This tool’s four filters are sure to impress you with their magical take on high contrast and vivid tones. Weddings, family moments, and up-close and personal blogging are just some of the examples that this pack is for. All in all, love and beauty at your fingertips. 

Crisp Modernity for the Brave and Bold 

Sometimes we forget the impact uniqueness can have on our feed, and it is easy to stick to what we are used to. However some of 123presets’ top options are creator favorites because they are daring and different. A touch of fun never hurt anyone.

In the spirit of exploring new finishes and to get inspired, let me introduce you to Papaya Lightroom Preset. This set of four magnificent and highly professional filters is a photography editor’s dream. By balancing out dark green tones with orange gradients, Papaya makes photos pop in ways that you have never seen before. This one was created precisely to help lifestyle bloggers and influencers get feeds that are far from ordinary.  

And similarly stunning and modern, Mercury Lightroom Preset is another walk on the wild side. With eight different filter options to choose from, this pack sharpens photos using gorgeous tones of pink that feel metallic and luxurious. The end result? A feed that is cohesive, eye-catching, and undoubtedly unique. 

Sail Away to a Far Off Destination

When creating content, the journey into new ways of seeing the world never ends. And sometimes this journey is best led by iconic travel locations that have been inspiring photographers and artists for centuries. Their architecture, climate, and of course vibrant cultures have been turned into filters by 123presets so that you don’t have to get on a plane to capture their vibe. 

I’ll start out with Paris Lightroom Preset, a must-have pack of twelve filters inspired by the fashion capital’s elegant and romantic feel. Muted pink tones mix perfectly with nostalgic blues to give your pictures a smooth and silky finish that looks luxe and intriguing.  

And for a trip overseas to warm skies, blue waters, and lively fun, give both Miami and Malibu presets a try. Like the cities themselves, these two packs enhance, brighten, and bring sunny warmth to all of your creations. Flawless skin, blue skies, and crystal clear definition are what these two sets are known for. Now let your creations sail into beautiful new territory. 

At the Top is Where Your Photos Belong

There is no need to compromise when it comes to creating your best content, and the packs I’ve shown you will boost the look of your photos to new heights. Not sure what will work best for you? Try different ones and get inspired by what each has to offer. Creativity has no limits and neither do these stunning offerings from 123presets. 

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