Most Trendy Canva Instagram Highlights (+ Examples)

Most Trendy Canva Instagram Highlights (+ Examples)

Instagram stories are supposed to be a quick way to show what is happening in your life or business right now. They are short and temporary. 

However, they are definitely gaining popularity. If you check out any of the Instagram courses right now, most of them will tell you to focus on the stories. Why? 

Because that immediately increases your profile's engagement and leads to a higher number of followers. In other words, if you post more stories, your account will be seen more.


What are Some Instagram Highlights Mistakes? 

Too busy. The circle for your highlight is pretty small. On top of that, people usually use Instagram on their phones. If you add too many details, then it will look too busy and difficult to see. Highlights allow you to create a finished brand look. That's why you want it to be simple and clean. 

Too boring. Don't use the highlights that everyone else uses. Don't copy someone else. Create your own style that will allow you to stand out. 

What's the Fastest Way to Add Instagram Story Highlights? 

This will be very simple. All you need to do is to click on the large plus sign on your profile. Then you can choose Instagram stories that you want to add to that highlight. After that, you can select the name of your highlight and add a highlight cover.

That's it.  

Instagram Highlight Cover Size

The recommended highlight cover dimensions is 2000px to 2000px. By choosing this size you will be able to see quality highlights. That's important because they are part of your brand. 

How to Choose the Right Highlights? 

Make sure that the Instagram covers that you choose for your account match your feed and profile picture. That's one of the most important rules. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the highlights have to be visually pleasing. This way people will want to click on them and check them out.

One of the best choices for most profiles would be hand-drawn icons. They are cute and create a unique feeling. 

Here are Some of Our Favorite Highlights Styles 

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