Must-Have Instagram Feed Ideas that are Trending Right Now

Must-Have Instagram Feed Ideas that are Trending Right Now

How has Instagram changed and what is trending right now? Let me introduce the latest TOP looks that will help you create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed! 

Instagram feed right now is all about authenticity and finding your own personal style. That being said there are definitely quite a few tips that can help you create the look that both showcases your personality and also creates an eye-catching Instagram feed.

TOP IG feed look: Clean Natural 

People are tired of strongly edited photos. Just like there was a shift in makeup towards more natural and neutral tones that highlight your beauty. The same thing is happening on Instagram. 

Natural Clean look will edit your photo in a way that it enhances your features but keeps a natural feel. It will create a light and airy edit that creates a cohesive and inspiring look. 

Why is this look a must have on your Instagram? 

  • A soft touch on your photos that sets the mood
  • Highlights your personality
  • Brightens your images
  • Makes the photos look clean and airy

TOP IG feed look: Muted 

muted presets look

It's not enough to have beautiful photos on Instagram anymore. Your feed has to tell a story about you. Reveal your personality through muted moody tones. Create a cinematic feel to your images. 

Set the mood with darker photos and immediately stand out from the crowd. Not many people use dark muted tones and that can definitely work as your advantage. 

Is this look for your Instagram?

  • Yes, if you are love cinematic shots
  • Yes, if you want to stand out from the crowd
  • Yes, if you love darker images
  • Yes, if you want to create a story with your images

TOP IG feed look: Natural Pastels

natural pastels presets
Love pastel tones? Then this preset is for you! This preset will make sure that all of your pastel tones are aligned and match each other. This is the presets that brings out your favorite colors in a natural and soft aesthetic. 
Bring out the pastel color palette that's trending right now and make your Instagram feed thumb-stopping. 

Would this feed work fo you? 

  • Yes, if you love pastel tones
  • Yes, if you are looking for a more natural look 
  • Yes, if you love to showcase fashion
  • Yes, if you want a cohesively coordinated IG feed

TOP IG feed look: No Filter

Have you always wanted a preset that would transform your photos in a way that doesn't look edited? Then this look is most definitely for you! Transform your images into professional looking shots that don't look edited. 

This preset will work especially well for blonde girls who want to get rid of the unwanted yellow tones in their hair. Let's be honest, whether you have natural hair or dyed, all blonde girls know that your hair can have an unwanted yellow tone. That small change can transform the whole look of an image. 

Also, don't be worried about losing that summer tan on your images. On the contrary, your photos will have a sun kissed natural look without that unnatural orange undertone. 

 Who will love this filter? 

  • Bloggers that want and authentic look that doesn't look edited
  • Everyone, who wants to get rid of yellow tones
  • Tan and glowing skin lovers 
  • Slight edit lovers 

How to Make These Presets Work on Your Photos? 

Look, as magical as presets are, well shot images will make the most of the presets. Don't worry, there are only a couple of major things that can dramatically improve your photo quality. 

Match the colors with your story

What's your Instagram account about? Who are you as a person? Okay, these might be quite difficult questions to answer. Even though they would benefit your Instagram account because by being yourself you will stand out. But let's start with something easier to answer and that will tell us something about your personality. 

What kind of clothes do you love wearing? What are their colors? The truth is that the preset can highlight the best the colors that are already in the picture. Presets don't create colors, they transform the ones in the photo. 

That's why the preset that will work the best for you is the one that matches your outfits and likings. In other words, if you don't like wearing pastel tones, don't go for a preset that alters pastel tones specifically. 

Choose the right lighting

Lighting is probably more important than your camera. Look, right now most phones have decent cameras. However, even if you have the latest iphone, your photos won't look great if they are taken in dark or extremely bright lighting. 

Go for soft lighting that you can find in a shade or in front of your window. Experiment different times of the day and different locations and your presets most definitely create professional looking shots!

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