Photo Ideas for Family (+ with Visual Examples)

Photo Ideas for Family (+ with Visual Examples)

Every once in a while you just need new ideas for your most loved ones' photoshoot.

Couples, children, animals - you name it. There are so many different options when it comes to family pictures.

The most important one of all is to allow everyone to just be themselves. When people are laughing because you tell them to do something stupid - that's when the magic happens.

In this article, I will present different tricks and ideas that will make your family pictures more fun. Let's discover unique family photo ideas together!

Child Photography Ideas at Home

When it comes to children, it's always better to take photos at home. This makes both you and the child feel more relaxed. If they are unhappy about something, you can quickly give them a snack or their favorite toy. The main rule of thumb is to just allow the child to control the photoshoot. 

Most kids like being in front of the camera anyways. However, they enjoy the time they spend playing with their parents the most. And it shows in the photos. So instead of posing them and telling them what to do, let them choose it for you. Kids are more creative anyways. 

child photo

Lightroom Presets: Christmas Home 

If you are taking photos of siblings, think of a fun activity for them. You can see in the photo below the pillow fight which is great because you can add feathers for a really fun and full of action photo. However, not everyone wants to deal with the mess afterward so you could easily just photoshop the feathers on top of the shot. 

photo ideas with kids

Lightroom Presets: Newborn

Another really fun idea with kids is to include their or your hobbies in the shot. Maybe they like sports or play an instrument. That can definitely make the shot more interesting: 

mother and child playing piano

Lightroom Presets: Newborn

Mother and Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

Matching outfits. For a daughter and mother or father and son photoshoot - matching outfits is one of the cutest ideas. You can do it with any family member or the whole family. It will make the photo shoot so much better! 

You can also shoot two birds with one stone and just have multiple matching outfits. This will immediately create a different kind of energy and make your photo shoot special. 

mother and daughter photoshoot

Lightroom Presets: Bright and Airy

Couple Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Couple photography is probably one of my favorites. There are so many different things that you could do. Some of the most creative couple photography ideas include: 

  1. The kiss on the forehead 
  2. The hand kiss 
  3. Blindfolded by his or her hands
  4. The moment right before a kiss
  5.  Hidden kiss 
  6. Hand on a cheek or a chest
  7. Standing on her tiptoes
  8. Sitting on his or her lap
  9. Walking in the middle of the road
  10. Holding hands on the swings 
  11. Lifting him or her up
  12. Staying cozy under a blanket
  13. Reading a book together
  14. Having a fancy picnic 
  15. Wrapped in his or her arms
  16. Jumping in the air
  17. Slow dancing in a circle 
  18. Riding a bike together
  19. Sitting next to a tree
  20. Listening to him or her playing the guitar

All of the above-listed ideas are great. But there is one but. The most important thing in couple photography is the connection between partners. One of the best ways to achieve that is to do an eye staring contest. 

I am 99% sure that at some point one of them will start laughing. More than that, by looking at each other's eyes they will have a pretty intense gaze. 

couple drinking coffee in bed

Lightroom Presets: Almond

There is one more thing I would love to mention in couples photography. Sometimes the most romantic moments come from everyday life. E.g. drinking coffee in bed on a Saturday morning, watching TV on the couch, cooking together, having a food fight, reading books, dancing in the living room, and many others. 

Take a moment before the photoshoot and think about your happiest moments. The time that you laughed the most. Those are the memories that you will most probably want to repeat in your photoshoot. 

Dog and Owner Photoshoot Ideas

No family photoshoot wouldn't be complete without including our four-legged furry friends. They will most definitely be the center of attention and you will have to adapt to them. 

Photos with animals are great on their own. You really don't need too much prepping. Just make sure that your pet looks into the camera. Also, keep in mind the composition of the shot. 

dog on two feet

Lightroom Presets: Winter's Tale

just married couple with dog

Lightroom Presets: Bright and Airy


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