Photoshoot Outfit Ideas for Women

Photoshoot Outfit Ideas for Women

What to wear for a photoshoot? The right outfit will make your photo POP. A well-balanced outfit will not simply draw the viewer's eye. The right outfit will make you feel better. 

Analyze your favorite influencers, get inspired on Pinterest, but at the end of the day make sure that the outfit represents your own personality. 

Don't be afraid to choose braver choices than you would in your everyday life. Maybe a brighter color or a stylish hat. By getting creative, you will be able to surprise even yourself and maybe you will even decide to implement those outfit choices in your everyday life. 

How to Choose an Outfit for a Photoshoot?

Before we even start I would like to say something. It's always better to have multiple outfits than one. So don't just choose one outfit for a photoshoot, get a couple. This way your photos will look more interesting.

Especially if you are taking photos for Instagram, then it's just easier to have multiple outfits because that will look like you had multiple photoshoots. And we all know that getting those professional photos take time and effort. So using the photoshoot in the most efficient way possible is always important. 

Be Yourself

As cheesy as this sounds but by choosing something that you personally love, you feel so much more comfortable during the photoshoot. It's always good to mix things up, but at least if you are not used to the photoshoots, you should definitely check out your favorite outfits.

girl next to a door

Many times less is more. Especially if you are going for a lifestyle photoshoot. In case you want to do something artsy and creative then you should take it a notch. Sometimes the weirder your outfit gets, the more fashionable it looks. That being said, it all comes down to personal preference. 

If you are taking photos for a client, then you need to make sure that he or she will feel comfortable in the outfit you choose. 

Which Colors to Choose for My Outfit? 

If you aren't really sure which colors to choose, you will never go wrong with black and white. They will be easy to match with multiple accessories and backgrounds. 

Also, a completely white outfit doesn't mean it will be boring. On the contrary, you can focus on the shape and form of your clothes. This style will be perfect for you if you love minimalist style: 

white suit outfit

Lightroom Presets: Nude Tones

In case you want a more colorful photoshoot, start with one focal color. Having too many colors will make your photo busy. If you want to learn more about color theory, check out this article. 

How to Make the Most of My Outfits?

One word: accessories. You could create different looks fairly quickly by simply changing up your accessories.

1) Hats

For example, a red barrette. However, do not limit yourself to hats or jewelry. Red lipstick can do wonders. It will add color to your everyday photos. 

 girl near Eiffel tower

Lightroom Presets: Spring Time

A hat is one of the most noticeable accessories right now for sure. Nevertheless, your jewelry adds a nice accent as well. It's all about the details. 

girl with red heart

Lightroom Presets: Spring Time

Matching your hat with the rest of the outfit is always a good idea: 

girl walking down the street

Lightroom Presets: Spring Time 

Match the hat with your personal style:

girl with red hat

Lightroom Presets: IG Style

The hat doesn't have to be super girly or decorative to be stylish. Choose the one that matches with your own style. The picture above works so well because the girl's outfit is black and white and the red hat works as a focal point. 

2) Colored Sunglasses 

Colored sunglasses are super trendy right now. Most importantly they look great in photos! Just take a look: 

girl with yellow dress

Lightroom Presets: Spring Time

The above photo looks great because of the yellow and blue colors contrast. That being said, make sure that your outfit looks great next to your background. Hence, if you already know where you will take photos, you can match your outfit accordingly. 

3) Bike 

As crazy as it sounds but your bike could be part of your outfit. Especially if its colors match your own outfit just like in the photo below: 

woman with bike

Lightroom Presets: Spring Time

4) Stylish Handbags

Many times handbags are overlooked. However, they can definitely add an interesting element to your photos. Just take a look at this image: 

girl with white handbag

Lightroom Presets: Sakura

The picture would look great even if it didn't have the handbag in it. The colors are stunning. The model is beautiful. The makeup is perfect. However, the handbag is like the final touch. 

In the picture below the handbag creates a more dramatic look: 

girl with brown handbag

Lightroom Presets: Nude Tones


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