Quick and easy Lightroom hacks every user should know

Quick and easy Lightroom hacks every user should know

Everyone loves LIGHTROOM but we don’t want to spend the most time using it. We would rather be busy shooting, so we work on the images rapidly. The following are some of the best tricks one can use to speed up the workflow.

  1. 1. Use caps lock for auto advance. When caps lock is on, you can use keyboard shortcuts to add metadata to an image and automatically move to the next image.

 P to flag an image as pick

U to skip the current image

-number keys 1-5 to add the corresponding number of stars

-number keys 6-9 to add a color label

With the auto advance, you can move rapidly enough through a shoot and keep your fingers on the metadata keys.

  1. Add your logo to Lightroom. With the identity plate feature, you can add your own logo or image to the upper left corner of adobe LIGHTROOM.

Go to the Lightroom > identity plate setup menu to customize your workspace. On the identity plate drop down, choose personalized.

There are two options to customize the identity plate; tick use a styled text identity plate to use your system fonts to type in your name or brand and tick use a graphical identity plate to use a transparent PNG image as a logo.

  1. Watch out for clipping. Clipping refers to the loss of highlight or shadow detail. It can certainly happen during the capturing of an image when we over expose or underexpose but also be introduced in post-production.

Clipping can be avoided by pressing letter J on your keyboard in the develop module

  1. Get creative while cropping. You can enter crop mode by pressing R on your keyboard in a thedevelop module. When you’ve entered the crop mode, tap O on the keyboard to cycle different crop options. Those grids offer great ideas on how to crop your images.
  2. Auto-Hide LIGHTROOM Panels. Right click on the filmstrip and left and right flaps and choose an auto-hide & show. This will hide those panels leaving more room for your images.
  3. Drag and drop to organize presets. Presets are one-click settings that we use to utilize and adjust our images.

On the Lightroom presets panel, you can drag and drop to reorder and organize your presets into folders. If you are in need of a new folder just right click in the presets panel and choose New Folder. Give the folder a name and proceed to organize your presets in the new grouping.

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