Stuck at Home Photography Ideas

Stuck at Home Photography Ideas

I'm not gonna say the one word that we are all tired of hearing. However, I do want to share some tips with you on how to take photos at home during a lockdown. Things are slowly but surely getting nicer. However, most of us still need some inspiration for stuck at home photography. 

I love bored at home photography ideas because I truly believe that it makes you more creative. You have to look for new ways to express yourself and think outside of the box. When you think about it, that's what photography is all about. 

Whether you are looking for inspiration or tips to create better portraits. No matter what, you will find something that will help you take better photos. 

Tip #1: Simplicity

Think of what you could remove from your photo. Most of the time there is too much going on. Especially in the background. 

When you are taking photos at home, you usually want to focus on the subject. There is not much space to play around with. Hence, the location won't be the main attraction. 

That being said, you don't need to always place your subject (or yourself for that matter) in front of a solid wall. The most important part is to tone it down. In most cases, that's enough for a great photo. "Less is more" has already become a cliche. But it's only a cliche because it's true.

Besides the background, think about fewer colors as well. Minimal Lightroom presets can quickly help you with that. 

There are many more minimal style inspired presets, which can make your individual style shine. Check out IG Style, Brownie, and White Vibes.  

Tip #2: Challenge Yourself

Right now there are so many stuck at home photography challenges going on. You can check #photographychallenge on Instagram to get inspired. However, I think it's the most fun to create your own challenge and either do it on your own or with a group of friends. 

The truth is that a challenge will force you to think outside of the box. Even if your challenge is to take photos for thirty days, you will learn so much!

Challenge ideas:

  • Take a new picture every day
  • Take a picture with a new outfit every day
  • New makeup challenge (try different styles of makeup and record your progress)
  • Editing challenge (edit the same photo in a different way each day)
  • Art and photography challenge (get inspired by art and recreate a picture with it)
  • Influencer challenge (choose one influencer each month and copy 5 of their photos that you love the most. By simply tagging or even collaborating with them you can get more exposure too!)
  • One outfit challenge (take photos every day for a month while wearing the same outfit. You could add accessories but not the main pieces of clothing)
  • Morning routine challenge (document how you are improving yourself every morning) 



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