The Hit List: 123presets’ Top 3 Most Popular Packs

The Hit List: 123presets’ Top 3 Most Popular Packs

So you have the perfect photoshoot idea but you are not sure what filters to use to get a perfect finish. What do you do? Navigating so many options can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a strong background in photography and editing.

Pre-planning your pictures by selecting the right environment and outfits is always a necessary step, however selecting the right filters is what will bring your photos to the next level. With the right tool nature becomes alive, clothes burst with style and vibrancy, and your creativity is given the treatment it deserves.

But worry no more. Take a deep breath and let this list with 123presets’ top 3 most popular packs guide and inspire you. And these packs are at the top for great reasons: they work with many different kinds of photos, have a professional and expensive finish, and improve your pictures by balancing just the right tones.

Hop on and let’s take a look at these wonderful tools and what they can do for you.

Bright and Airy: A Breath of Fresh Air

It’s no coincidence that this set of 17 lightroom presets is wildly popular. Warm, modern, minimal, and a total beautifying tool, this is by far one of the most versatile tools I’ve ever used. You really don’t have to compromise much when using this one, and a little pre photo planning goes far with Bright and Airy’s stunning and silky neutrals.

When shooting indoors and editing it smooths out surfaces, accentuates whites and lighter tones, and creates amazing contrasts between colors so that they harmonize with the rest of the room. Outdoor photos are also made significantly better thanks to how light is accentuated and how nature is given a vintage feel.

This is also a great one for style photography and blogging thanks to the minimal simplicity it brings to the final product. Outfits look crisp, skin tones are calm and present, and accessories look expensive and out of a magazine shoot.

But perhaps the biggest winning feature of Bright and Airy is how it makes even the most simple and modern of images feel and look warm, bringing instant personality and intimacy to basically any photoshoot. It truly is a win-win situation.

light and airy flowers

Avocado: A Daily Tropical Vacation No Matter Where You Are 

Just like the fruit itself this tool is full of life. With a total of 5 lightroom presets, these filters will give your photos a dramatic finish similar to that of fashion photography and cinema. Greens look warm and intense, skin is smooth and lush, and balanced contrast makes everything look its best. 

artsy picture of a girl

This one is just the right fit for travel photography thanks to its attention to architecture and nature. Beaches, mountains, and forests feel present and alive, while buildings ooze texture and detail. And no worries with this tool if you’re a style blogger- Avocado is fashion forward, luxe, and mysterious. 

produt photography

What is truly so great about these filters is how they strike the right mix between drama and high definition, making them a match made in heaven for so made different subjects and scenes. Avocado is guaranteed to boost appearance and satisfy even the toughest of judges. 

Miami Feels: Sunny Charm and Expensive Taste 

The vibe of the iconic city known for luxury, clear water and sandy beaches, and of course endless times in the sun, can now be part of all your photoshoots. So what exactly is the end result when you capture Miami’s style? Tanned bodies, day long pool parties, and lots of blissful fun. 

So if you want to make sure that your feed feels fresh and vibrant, brush off any dullness with this amazing pack. Colors look rich and alive, nature and light are hot like the Miami sun, and outfits look first class. What more can you need?

Well there’s more. Divine contrast will highlight and give each element its own stage, and quality brightness will transport your work to higher levels. So no sleeping on this one- pick a spot, find some nice light, and let Miami’s feel be part of your day to day. 

woman drinking a cocktail

Inspiration at Your Fingertips!

What you can definitely take away from exploring these stunning packs is how you can trust them to improve such a wide range of photographs. Not only will they better your work, they will also add their own touch and style which will inspire you to create even more. 

With no need to compromise, wait no more and give each of these a try and see what they can offer to your feed and how they can complement your own ideas. The result, as shown by so many users, is sure to bring new life to your creativity. 

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