TOP 10 Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets

TOP 10 Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets

Numbering lightroom presets from 1 to 10 is not fair. Editing photos and finding your own voice through the colors is a form of art. There’s no such thing as one correct answer. However, I handpicked the most trending styles on Instagram right now and grouped them into the minimalist, deep green, colorful and dark and moody presets. All of them have their own benefits and drawback which is exactly what this article is about.

How to make the lightroom presets choosing process easier?

It’s always easier to find out what you don’t like than what you do. So the first step is to log into Instagram and save all the photos that you don’t like into a new collection. I know this a slightly different approach than the one that Instagram intended by creating the saved function but trust me it will help you find out which editing style you like the most. Now once that is done, you’ll need to ask yourself: What bothers me in these photos? Are they too dark or too bright? Too much editing or too little editing? Which colors look bad?

After finding out what you don’t like, it will be much easier to know what you do. For example, if I said that I don’t like too many colors in the photos, then I look for dark and deep tones. There isn’t a right or wrong here, each style gets engagement. However, its all about choosing the colors that fit the mood and the voice of your messages. Authentic, realistic posts usually work better with darker tones. Travel photos, for example, look better when they are brighter and more colorful. All in all, rules are made to be broken. The most important part is that you personally like it.

Lightroom presets styles that follow the latest trends

1) Minimalist & Bright presets:

Never getting old classic. Minimal presets look dominates the fashion magazines and many influencers' Instagram feeds. They focus only on a few colors and the main attention is drawn to the professional contrast selection. Simple and clean.

Bright and Airy

Bright & Airy presets are one of my own personal favorites mainly because you can adjust it so easily. Also, I like that this preset keeps the warm tones while maintaining a clean look.

photos edited with bright and airy presets


Minimalistic presets capture the high class perfectly. Have you ever noticed how the more expensive the clothes, the more simple they are? That’s the same with this preset. It creates perfect tan skin tones by removing the orange tint. This preset draws the audience’s attention with higher contrast.

photos edited with minimal presets


- the most important feature of this preset is its sharpness. Added clarity focuses the eye on the main subject. This is ideal for nature shots or those where the subject is further away.

photos edited with clean presets

2) Deep green presets:

I will admit that I am a little bit biased here, but I simply hate yellowish bright green. So the presets that change those unwanted yellow-greens into deep green & blue-tinted dark greens always win me over immediately. I love the tropical look this presets gives to the photos.


These lightroom presets transform your photos in seconds. From just normal everyday photos you will receive deep dark green leaves and sharpened images that deserve to be called art pieces.

Photos edited with dark deep green


Forest as a really moody preset. If you hate yellow color tones as much as I do, you will definitely enjoy these presets.

photos edited with dark green and blue tones

3) Colorful presets:

Distinctive & memorable. You either love them or hate them. There is no middle ground with these presets. But one thing for sure, they definitely attract attention.


These presets are probably most loved by our clients. Inspired by the beach city itself and Miami’s melting pot of culture, Miami presets are colorful and bright.

lightroom presets miami


If you have ever visited this Greece city yourself, you will definitely know what I am talking about. It’s simply something else. The aqua colors, white buildings, breathtaking views, and fascinating beaches.

photos edited with teal color

Pop colors

What else can I say, these presets make the colors POP. However, it is done in a stylish way. It’s not too much, just the right amount to draw the eye to look. The magical combination of colors and contrast.

photos with pop colors

4) Dark and moody:

This is one of the latest trends to do it differently than everyone else. So instead of capturing attention by bright and colorful presets, dark and moody look captures attention just by being different. And being different is a good thing for sure in this case.


If you love darker and deeper tones, you will enjoy this preset for sure. It creates a mysterious mood with high contrast and reduced brightness. By the way, orange and teal combination is the main feature of these presets.

photos edited with dark presets

Dark tones

Perfect presets for high fashion photography. Looks great on both males and females. It creates an edgy and high contrast look.

photos enhanced by dark tones



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